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Pros and Cons

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I sniff for a- living!
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '07 6:51pm PST 
I'm going to be getting another dog within a year or so, and I've discovered that boxers seem like they are a pretty good fit to my life style.

So if you lovely folks could please list (in your opinion) the pros and cons to the breed, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've also heard that they do pretty well with dogs smaller then this true?

Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '07 8:12pm PST 
Boxers need a lot of socialization from the time they are pups. They may be to exuberant for tiny dogs but can be taught to get along.


kidney bean dance
smoochable face
great personality
lap dogs
great family dogs
great buddy for hiking...

some drool a lot some not
though they are short coated they do shed some more than others
dominace issues
if not properly socialized may not like other dogs/cats
might be to energetic for some

Here is a good link
are you ready for a boxer?

Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '07 8:12pm PST 
Oh boxers tend not to be water lovers


Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 4:27am PST 
Cash ......... i think Rocco pretty much covered it. we definitely are not water lovers laugh out loud we don't like the cold or wind either.
snow....... yuk ! better plan on a wardrobe of coats for fall & even got me a raincoat way to go we excell at snuggling though & will follow you anywhere.

I sniff for a- living!
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 4:57am PST 
What's the kidney bean dance??

and not being a water lover I think is great! Cash will have someone he can sit next to the pool with and discuss how much they dislike water.

Nov 6/04 - Feb 20/08
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 9:15am PST 
The kidney bean is something that must be seen to be believed. While most dogs wag their tail, our boxers have a gift of wagging their whole body, from the tip of their nub to their shoulders, so happy!big grin

Personally, I think that the boxer is the best, I wouldn't trade my baby for the world. She is funny and sweet, she is very perceptive to moods and is very family bonded, she loves all people and all other dogs. But...I hesitate to say this (please don't flame me other boxer buddies), I found that I had to work double time to train my boxer. She is smart as a whip but also easily bored and stubborn. She would much rather goof around than be obedient. This is an okay trait for our family, but others may find this to be frustrating. Make sure you are ready for the commitment to the training and the energy level.

Sticks, sticks,- did someone say- STICKS!!
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 3:58pm PST 
We have had five Boxers in our married life together. In my opinion there are only conscheer All my babies are my world. If there are con's, I don't see em. Good luck!!

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lets box
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 4:14pm PST 
this is my first boxer and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. the only con I can fin din mine is he does't like to be left alone.
We just love our guy so much plus we love to watch him do the dance. Oh by the way they love kids and attention to the more attention the better he likes it.

Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 4:30pm PST 
I don't know about you Eve but Kema and I loved the snow. When we lived in Colorado for the first 5 years of our life we would go out for hours on end and chase eachother through the snow while daddy shoveled the snow.

Yes, the kidney bean is the whole body wag of the boxer. Twisting and turning and spinning their little knob.

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Wed Jul 25, '07 4:37am PST 
Pro's: great dogs that love people. Short enough fur that the high shedding is generally eyelash length..... basically all the best things that people named. Cant say enough about how wonderful they are

Cons: Breed does have health issues. (heart & cancer are high on our list. Also breathing issues can be a problem because of the shortened muzzle, though no where near as bad as some) Snoring. Farting. Can be animal aggressive (totally depends on the animal and the time spent on training) Very high energy. HIGHLY INTELLIGENT (yeah, think this is a good thing, till your boxer gets bored!) Listed as one of the more stubborn breeds for training, but this is only because they are smart enough to want to know WHY you want them to do things.

There are written instances backed up with insurance claims to show that bored boxers have opened doors, jumped in cars, and put them in a lake before.

But again, super sweet. Very kind. Incredible dogs. Would not trade them for the world.
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