Please help a Border Collie arrive at his furever home!!

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Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 9:07pm PST 
I have never ever tried to organize a transport before and I really need help!

This handsome, young, Border Collie is currently in Border Collie rescue in South Dakota and I REALLY want to adopt him. I have considered shipping him but I have heard bad things about shipping a dog and I believe that transport is a much better way to do things. We're all friends on Dogster anyway, right?

So anyway I would love some assistance in organizing this whole thing. Does anyone have experience in rescue or canine railroad that would be willing to help? If so please paw mail Rocket and let me know!!

Thanks SOOO much!!
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Barked: Fri Nov 27, '09 6:28am PST 
Organized transports can be are arranged by On the Road Again (OTRA) verified coordinators and several independent coordinators. There is an OTRA yahoo group. There are also animal air transports and other options. Your sending rescue is in the best position to connect and/or arrange a transport. Start with them. If this rescue does not have a coordinator in line, they can network and find someone who does. Many conditions and requirements need to be satisfied before an animal can be transported, including health & health records, reference checks and screenings.

This is just a comment and/or question, since your post does not give any detail: you say that you REALLY want to adopt this dog. Have you talked with the rescue, have you filled out an application, has your application been accepted, have your references been checked, has a home visit been accomplished for appropriateness of adoption of a Border Collie, has the rescue checked to see if you have knowledge or experience with the breed or existing animals in the home for compatibility, etc....and HAVE YOU PERSONALLY MET AND SPENT TIME WITH THE DOG? All logical and "for the well-being of the dog and adoption match" questions that should be satisfied.

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BC's are difficult to adopt, period!
That is exactly why I took Panda home.

I don't have sheep for her ( which would be perfect ), but I will adjust as much of my life around her as I can.
My car has not been washed or vacuumed in about a year...., because I would rather take her for a hike or to play ball.... then drive around in a shiny vehicle....

Panda seemed to come from a decent home, spent a couple of months at a new one with some stress that brought her to a shelter.

She was only at the shelter for about a month, but it seemed to have fueled a tendency to be very reactive with other dogs. I don't think she was socialized well before that, either.

My girl is very sweet, but a true BC ( as I have learned ). She wants to be the boss and needs a lot of stimulation mentally and physically. She would make a great herding-dog, so there is nothing wrong with her!!!!!!! If I meet someone that can give her a more natural living environment..... I would entertain the thought of moving her towards a more natural future. However, since that probably won't happen I will do what I can to make her happy....

She was crate-trained very well and has no problem with it...., but although I am willing to adjust my life around her....., without the crate... I would not be able to keep her.

The worst you can do for a BC is to move it from home to home to home....

Have you had a BC before? Believe me, they are a species of their own!! Not bad, for sure!! But they need a serious full time job!!!

I am currently looking into changing part of my carreer, so it can better suit my dog....
Are you willing and able to do that if need be?

Not all BC's are like that. Some are more laid back.... but you need to know what you may get yourself into...., just to be fair to them....

This forum has helped me a lot.... you are in a great place to get help and advice....

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