Cartoonist needs advice, ideas

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Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 11:37am PST 
At DrawtheDog.com, cartoonist Jim George just created a new series of breed-specific, color cartoon designs. So far, he has one each for Labs, Danes, Greyhounds and German Shepherds.

Now, Jim wants to create a Border Collie design. He wants to capture the spirit and personality of Border Collies, in the same way he did with these:

Lab: http://drawthedog.com/?p=280
Golden: http://drawthedog.com/?p=288
Dane: http://drawthedog.com/?p=271
GSD: http://drawthedog.com/?p=286

We would really appreciate your ideas, stories and suggestions - so Jim can create an amazing color cartoon.
Oliver PAWS

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Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 10:07pm PST 
Either a border collie staring the letters down, or a border collie chasing a sheep around it.

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Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 11:14am PST 
Going with what Oliver posted, and I don't know how difficult it would be, but maybe spell Border Collie wrong (like Bordre Collie) and have the dog correct it?


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Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 7:27am PST 
hhmm-I like both ideas. Maybe another thought could be since they do so well with agiltiy maybe have one weave through the letters or jump through the "O" like a tire jump?

Another idea would be it could nip at the letters-like it's trying to herd them, but I'm not sure how well that would translate. Or like the above poster stated, have the dog crouch down and stare at the letters with that famous collie eye.

Last one (promise) would be to have the dog read a very "scholarly" book, like Plato or Shakespeare with glasses on, since they are the smartest dogs!

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Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 8:38pm PST 
Border Collies "can" do tricks, but they really are complex enough to inspire something really original.

I have this Peanut-cartoon with Woodstock holding a shepherds hook. Snoopy says to him "If you want to herd sheep, you need to get a border collie. They stare at the sheep like this ... ( then it has an image of snoopy imitating the BC stare ) ..... I always blink..."
People that live with Border Collies will get that.

I guess, if you want to coin a phrase that captures a Border Collie.... spend a few days with one....

Let's go! Let's- drive!- Yeah!!!!!!
Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 8:48pm PST 
I think Panda is trying to chime in here.... it is really hard to type with a BC pushing up on my arms....squeeking a squirrel.....

Watch one of the many Border Collies that have to live without sheep......
You will be entertained, worried, disturbed, amused and most likely.... inspired to write something worth while.... big laugh