far as i'm concerned, the matter's settled: he's a mix!

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and what a mix! flat coat retriever - the dogs on http://www.flatcoat.ca are dead ringers for him, except they have no white bc-like markings the way he does. i called a trainer because my neighbour claimed he was at her place acting aggressively. i figured she was full of it because dandy is not at all aggressive but to be sure, called in a pro. he said right away he didn't think dandy was a full bc although he could see it clearly and he said dandy looked like a flat-coat retriever. he worked with dandy for over 2hrs and said he was definitely bright enough to be border collie and possessed "all the right qualities" and was absolutely not an aggressive animal - just normal puppy obnoxiousness combined with lack of stimulation (mea culpa) and well above average energy, strength, and endurance.

i'd never even heard of flat-coat retrievers, so i read up on the breed. i was very impressed and i can well understand how mixing that in with border collie would result in a dog like dandy so i am doubly happy with my "little" puppy.

this dog, especially, looks like dandy's next-to-twin: http://www.flatcoat.ca/html/picturepop81.htm

so, case closed, he's not a purebred border collie - he's twice as nice! cheer

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