Help w/ Border and cars leaving driveway

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Barked: Wed Aug 19, '09 6:59pm PST 
we have a 4 year old border. great dog, well behaved, obidient, gets lots of excersize, a perfect dog EXCEPT when cars leave our driveway. she barks like crazy and bites the bumpers of departing cars leaving puncture marks in car bumpers! she's clever enough not to bite the older chrome types. we stop the car and repremand her. she backs away until car is in reverse and she does it again. any help is appreciated. next step will be a training collar - which I think will work but it seems desperate. thanks -rick btw - non of our dog photos would upload so the picture is of my bike.

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Barked: Fri Aug 21, '09 6:09am PST 
Okay, I'll go 1st.

Reprimanding the dog for something (chasing moving objects) that the dog is bred to do and comes naturally doesn't work. It only suppresses the behavior. Also, any reprimand or correction has to be immediate -- and the time it takes for you to exit your car and correct is too late. She knows she's being corrected, but has no clue as to what since the inappropriate behavior happened in the past.

First, don't set her up for failure (allowing her free access to chase the car, bite tires, etc.) and to practice and fine-tune the behavior in the 1st place. Teach the "watch me" command and when she's giving you attention 100%, progress to an area with distractions and then, finally, introduce her to the car distraction. Be patient -- as you most likely will find that you'll need to take a step back here and there. Also, teach her an alternative behavior to the chasing/biting. This could be to find a highly prized toy (used only in connection with the car biting issue) or "go to your place" (which could be a tree, doorway, etc.). Remember to praise & treat lavishly during training.

Using a training collar on a Border Collie is highly discouraged, and you shouldn't need one with consistent reward based training as described above. Border Collies are highly sensitive to harsh correction. You may be able to buzz/shock the dog into compliance and see immediate improvement -- but I'll guarantee that it's only temporary and the undesirable behavior is transferred elsewhere or surfaces in some other manner.

Good luck.

Christmas Eve- Baby
Barked: Fri Aug 21, '09 6:27am PST 
I have something to add. Sorry, I'm a little wordy this morning (too much caffeine possibly?)

When you stop the car (to issue the reprimand/correction) is only reinforcing the behavior. She's bred to gather and control movement -- and by stopping the car you've actually rewarded her for doing a good job.

I hope this makes sense and helps.

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Barked: Sun Sep 27, '09 7:19pm PST 
To met sounds like she's trying to herd the car. I would get a barrier to keep her away since it could be dangerous.