Eating Habits

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Benjamin- Travis

Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 8:46am PST 
Hello, I looked for a BC forum to ask how other BCs eat.

Ben has never been a "good eater" that is, it takes him hours to eat his dinner. Sometimes he doesnt even eat it! I've tried different food brands and types and have restricted treats and people food. In the morning i fill his bowl with kibble, he might eat a few mouth fulls through out the day, and at night i add canned food to it.

Ben is a BC mix weighing 45 lbs, but has alot of BC traits. Even after a day of lots of exercise and activity, he doesnt eat good! I know nothing is physically wrong with him because he would still eat treats if you offered. So I was wondering if your BCs eat as soon as you put down their food, how much u feed them, when, what brand, etc. any feed back would help!
Big "RIG" - a.k.a.- Rigamortis

Big Rig, Herder- of the human- family.
Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 5:16pm PST 
My BC "Rig" gets his food placed in his bowl twice per day. We do not delegate his eating habits. When he is hungry he eats when he is not, he doesn't. He is still allowed treats up to and including ice cream from my spoon while I eat it. However, we do not allow it to be so much as to make him not hungry. Some days he acts like he is starving to death and others, he could care less that there is food in the bowl. He is healthy as a horse and this has been his norm since he arrived at 5 1/2/ months old. Hope this helps.

Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 6:39am PST 
My dogs are fed twice a day, if they haven't eaten within 5 minutes their bowls are picked up. Skye is the only 1 that has left her food, she was off her food when she was ill after having an op to remove a grass seed from her bottom jaw and she has been a bit fussy when she has come in season in the past. Apart from that all my dogs have emptied their bowls within a minute of me putting them down.


Zoom Zoom
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 9:22am PST 
I used to feed free choice to all my dogs..but after getting Kate, and having to deal with my heeler, Dakota's, cancer(meaning he got home cooked meals!) I went to a twice daily feeding.

Kate has always been a chow hound..think that comes from being a shelter dog..shes slowed down some since I adopted her, but she is still fast when she eats compared to my hound and even my other heeler.

Different dogs. smile

Give me a belly- rub!
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 1:56pm PST 
According to some other people, some BC's eat once every two days...is that healthy? My dog is an extremely picky one and I always have to mix treats in her food bowl but today nothing's working. She won't even come to eat. She's just sleeping all day. I wish she would eat.

Let's go! Let's- drive!- Yeah!!!!!!
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 10:46pm PST 
There are a lot of things to be considered when it comes to this issue. Does the dog have piece and quiet when he is fed, or maybe too much of it? Some dogs need a little competition like within in a pack.
Many dogs eat less when it is hot and humid. They also move less, so nature tells them they need less fuel.

If a dog is a fussy eater and you are worried about his weight, you need to evaluate his life-style. Does he get enough exercise? Is he healthy?
If you want to put weight on him, should he get the calories from fat, protein or starch?

If a dog does not eat well, free-feeding makes it worse ( in my opinion). Feeding time should be exiting and we need to find out what makes him want to dive into his food dish.

There are so many things you can add to commercial dry foods to make them more appealing, as well as adding a little more of what your type of dog needs anyway.

My Panda really liked the Dog-Whisperer food. I like the idea of feeding organic and I actually read the list of ingredients. Unfortunately 38 bucks for a 17 pound bag is a little out of my price-range and I switched to Wellness. Panda doesn't care too much for the change, but I have made a well researched choice regarding her nutritional needs.
So I am now in the process of adding. Yoghurt, different canned foods and I have started home-cooking again ( it is actually cheaper than buying canned organic foods ).

Panda seems to be a grazer outside....grabbing mouths of grass so I'll be adding some leafy greens to the mix..... Tripe is on my shopping list....

If your dog is active and healthy and has a shiny coat.... don't stress.
If your BC is dull visually and mentally, there may be an underlying health issue..... which could be caused by a lack of nutrition caused by poor eating habbits....

Most of us don't even know how to feed ourselves properly, never mind our canine, feline or equine friends.

It's really not rocket-science!! Educated brains have led us to believe that we don't know what is good for us.... or our pets. Just watch your dog, pay attention to his needs and start with a good commercial food and play with it. Just make sure the things you add are not on the no-no-list!!!

Christmas Eve- Baby
Barked: Tue Jun 30, '09 8:00am PST 
Panda is very wise. I feed Jackson twice each day, using a measuring cup. We have noticed over the years, that starting in late May or June, Jackson seems to regulate his own quantity -- sometimes finishing the whole bowl and sometimes leaving just a little. So long as we know when and how much he has eaten, we're only concerned about any pattern that is abnormal for him. My vet charts a "winter weight" and a "summer weight" -- so he also has a history of what "normal" might be.

I envy Jackson -- he seems to regulate himself to eat only what's necessary to satisfy and adapts to changing conditions. If only I'd learn the same thing about passing up that last piece of yummy cake!!