How do I stop aggresion?

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Please answer!

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If you are trying to stop aggresion from two dogs in your house.
Then when they growl, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Yell, and try to get them to stop. But if they start fighting, LEAVE THEM ALONE. They will most likely come out of the fight without a scratch but if you but your hand in there you will be hurt. If this does happen, I suggest you throw something. Anything! An empty bucket, a bucket full of water! A Book, anything that will tell them to STOP.
If you want your dog to get along with another near by. Just leave them alone. Don't tie them up to try and keep them apart. Let them get use to eachother. But try to keep your distance from them also. No matter what the case, your dog alwayshas a chance of snapping or growling while your around to try and protect you.

If your problem is dogs in the public area, when you take your dog for a walk or something and it sees another dog and starts to growl.
I suggest that you take your dog out alot, and get it use to other dogs. Once it gets use to some dogs it may find out that there is nothing to growl about. But some dogs JUST DON'T LIKE EACHOTHER. Some people jsut don't like eachother, it goes the same for dogs! But once you get your dog out and visiting others they should get use to eachother. And although you may hear the certain growl or snap just leave them alone and let them sort it out! And remeber if they start to fight, DON'T GET INVOLVED, because there is a high chance you could get hurt. So just throw something in at them and they should stop. smile
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Aggression towards who? Is it towards other dogs in the family? Other dogs out on the street? People? Other animals?

Also how is he acting agressive? Does he snap? Bite (leave punctures)? Has he been in a fight (where there is blood)? or has he only had a dominance struggle with another dog? If it is true aggression, I would talk to a good behavorist to get it under control right away. The longer you alow it to continue, the harder it will be to stop.

I know Blaze had been labled by a few people as dog agressive, when really, she just wants to be in control of everything. She does not like it when other dogs play, or run around her. I now have her under voice control about 90% of the time, but I would never trust her in a dogpark. If I where you, I would work hard on getting Max under total voice control. That will help you control him in any situation.

I have had to break up a few fights between Blaze and Tassie. I recomend that you don't break up a fight if you can help it. There is always a chance that you might get hurt (even if you know what your doing), however in some cases (like in the case with Tassie and Blaze) you have to break up the fight somehow (or they might seriously hurt or kill each other). My first option around here would be a broom or two. My second option would be water, third would be throwing something at them. If those don't work it would be hard to explain correctly on the internet what I do to break them up, there are too many different things that can effect what I'll do.

I hope you get his agression under control. Feel free to P-mail me if you have any questions.