How would a Bernese Mountain Dog do on a farm?

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Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 12:46pm PST 
Thinking about getting another outside Dog for the farm. How do you think a Bernese would do on a farm. Could they be left alone in the yard? Would they wonder off? How are they with kids? What else could you tell me?

Thanks for any info! smile

Barked: Sun Aug 9, '09 3:27pm PST 
Welcome to the board! Bernese are actually a breed that does HORRID as an outdoor dog. Unfortunately, they are a very clingy and dependent breed and actually tend to go a bit crazy if they are seperated from their people for too long. While they were farm dogs in Switzerland they still slept with and spent the majority of their lives with their families. I assist with Bernese Mountain dog rescue and I can't tell you how many aggressive berners we have had that were outdoor dogs. There was one dog who bit the UPS man in the face severely and had serious aggression issues. Once he was moved into a home and was worked with, his entire personality changed and he actually became a therapy dog. These are dogs that are low energy but require a LOT of face time with their family.
I am also a dog trainer, and I would really recomend that you look at the more independent breeds such as the Livestock Guardian Dogs. Please contact me with ANY questions, I love to talk dogs!!