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So we're adopting a bernese labrador mix puppy; she'll be 8 weeks when we get her. Right now she's on Iams food but I want to change it. We already feed our cat wellness b/c he has allergies to grain and chicken. I'm thinking I'd like to go with Wellness for our pup; but I'm not sure which one to go with. Do Berners tend to have allergies? I'd like to try and avoid grain and chicken, that way I can avoid the possibilities of anything happening.

I was looking at the complete health whitefish & sweet potatoe dry food, but it has ground barley; is that still grain? I also looked at the large breed puppy food but it has chicken in it. I was also thinking of the CORE dry ocean formula; any suggestions? Both aren't for puppies but I've been told with large breeds that it's better if you start them on adult food to help with their growth. Is that true with a bernese?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is a first for me and I feel kind of lost. confused


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Both of my Berners were not able to eat Wellness food. I was very dissapointed because it is such a great food. Both my Tori and Brody had terrible bowel movements or should I say explosions while on the sweet potatoe food. Its a great food but just to rich for my dogs. I find that many Berners have sensitive stomachs, rich foods, salty foods, like chips/pretzels are a no no for us. All of my guests who come into my home are instructed to NOT feed my dogs. We also tried Buffalo Blue and had the same issues. We are feeding IAMS mini chucks, supplemented with Glucosomine/Condroitin, Vitamin E & Zinc. Vitamin C also gives them problems so we cant use it. There are some great foods out there, just introduce something new in small doses combined with the food he/she was eating prior to coming to your home and see how it goes. Good luck with your new addition.
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Although Wellness is known to be a good food, I will never feed it to my dogs again. I used to give my Golden Retriever Wellness Simple Solution a few years ago and she seemed to do fine with it. I switched her to Timeberwolf after that ( I like to change their food every 6-8 months). Anyway, last year I switched her back to the Simple Solution and she immediately began having epileptic like attacks where she would pee and start to shake and tremble and her eyes would grow as big as baseballs and she would cry uncontrollably. Well my first thought was she is having a seizure, many $$$$$ and tests later, no true signs of epilepsy. This went on for over a month and she was becoming worse, fleeing and almost ran through my plate glass window at my shop, had I not tackled her with the help of one of my employees. My last thought was the food, but that was exactly what it was. I found this out because my Berner (10months old at the time) has some allergies so I thought I would switch her to the Wellness. Guess what. Same symptoms and same reactions as if they were the same dog. I spoke with my vet and we had the food tested and it was inconclusive, but we found out they had changed their formula without notifying the public, we thought it was isolated but our vet had several other dogs exhibit the same symptoms as mine. Plus one of my clients videotaped their dog exhibiting the same behavior right after they gave their dog wellness, that was left over from their lab who was just put down. This was the first time this dog ever ate this food and the reactions were scary similar. So I don't know exactly what is wrong with this food, but 15 dogs in our area with the same symptoms that stopped when their food was changed leaves something to question. Hope this helps.


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I just got my pup on Wellness Super5mix Large Breed puppy and so far so good. I dont want him growing too fast and this food was the best recommended food for that.