wavy hair on my back!

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Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 2:38pm PST 
Hi..... my beagle(Hershey) is getting wavy hair all over his back. Do any of you guys have this?! Also, I am 6 mos old and weigh 26lbs ...any advice! Thanks, Hershey and Hersey's Mom!

Barked: Mon Mar 17, '08 5:05pm PST 
Hi! I have wavy hair starting on my back also and I'm six months too! Is this normal? My Mom and Dad were told that I was purebred, but now I'm starting to think I'm not.

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Barked: Wed Jul 30, '08 7:41pm PST 
I'm 3 yrs old and my sister Pixie and I both have wavy hair (my mom says it looks like zig zags) down our backs. My mom says the zig zags come and go; it seems that when we get excited and see a squirrel or bird in the back yard it gets really wavy.


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Barked: Thu Jul 31, '08 7:11am PST 
Molly is soon to be 4 yrs. old and she has the wavy hair also. Do any of you have your beagles hair trimmed? Molly's hair seems to get unruly and a bit long around her neck and under her ears so I have the groomer trim her up once in a while. I also like to have her tail done. I asked her groomer to trim up her belly once and she came home with it shaved! We won't do that again!

Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 8:47pm PST 
hi im hazel i got wavey hair on my back and im 1year old im a pure bread ^^snoopy

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Barked: Mon Sep 29, '08 4:22pm PST 
We just adopted Bea and she has longer hair on her back and tail. I have read that Beagles are related to daschunds, which also have long-haired breeds. Bea has a narrow face and body like a weiner dog, so it seems to make sense.