Jealous Aussie

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Hello! I believe I also posted this in the general answers but thought I'd try here as well.

Puppy jealousy

Hello! I have a 10 month old male Aussie that we brought home when he was 3 months. Last month, we rescued a female lab mix who is now 6 months. At first, the aussie was so excited and couldn't get enough of her. Then he began instigating sparing ( I believe that's what it's called). He mainly would go for her neck, which I understand to be a dominance thing. When the mix would have enough, she would hide in a safe space, that even though the aussie could get to he would let her be. She is also an instigator and will often nip at him- she mainly goes for his legs and will growl at him for attention.

This past week we have noticed the aussie have more aggression to our mix. Now he's going into her safe-space instead of leaving her alone, he's biting her ear and dragging her around the yard, and he's started to hump her!

I don't understand where this aggressive is coming from. From what I notice, we do let the aussie do things/get things first. And he definitely gets a bunch of attention from my partner and I- more so from me.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop this aggression? Or have you had similar experience? Or can you help explain where it is coming from all of a sudden??


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My only suggestions are; Be the pack leader, and give equal attention to both dogs. Also, do things with both your Aussie, and rescue dog.