I seriously need some help!!! 3-4 month old!!

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I desperately need some advice/help with my 3-4 month old Australian Shepard puppy!!!!! I have a fear she does not see me as her master... she barely likes to obey and has the tendency to start dashing around my bedroom and will not let me touch her like its a game and starts biting at me! she loves to nip and bark and starts growling!! Can someone please help me with how to train her to be really obedient. Also let her know I am the one in control.crycry

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If your puppy plays the "you can't catch me" game, first of all, don't chase her. Dogs who are chased, mainly with a toy, will want to run away.

Excersise, excersise, excersise. It greatly effects a dog's behavior. Make sure your puppy is getting enough of it.

Secondly, you need to make sure you are the pack leader. I highly recommend checking out Cesar Millan's website and watching his television episodes of "Dog Whisperer". He will give you plenty of information about being the boss.

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Milan is a poor trainer on which to modify your behaviour. Try Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Susan Garrett, Suzanne Clothier... Someone who focuses more on training your dog on what to DO rather than what to DO NOT.