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I am in desperate need of Interceptor in the Atlanta area....I know that the plant has been temporarily shut and supplies are limited. I spoke with Novartis and they told me they had sent out some shipments that had been previously manufactured to random vets but they cannot tell me who. My aussie cannot take Heartguard-had a reaction- and I tried Triflexis and he is having a reaction to that too....do not know what to do unless I can get my hands on Interceptor

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If you cannot use a dewormer, try something that naturally deworms. and also keep your dog clean, and healthy. Good luck!

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My vet just recommended Triflexis. My catahoula mix spent a week in ICU due to an Ivomec reaction due to a mange dosage. I can't figure out what to put him on for heartworm prevention. The vets keep telling me the dosage is safe- 68 mcg but I'm scared!! I just posted looking for help on this subject.