How much do you exercise/train your Aussie per day?

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Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 3:26pm PST 
I'm wondering if this would be sufficient for an Aussie:
obedience/trick training of some kind during the day
off-leash walk for about 45 mins - an hour before supper (4-5 pm-ish)
And maybe another neighborhood walk with fetch or frisbee in the park before bed. Or possibly a bike ride when I train it.

I also plan on doing agility, flyball, and some obedience classes during the week, so this schedule may change day to day...

Do you think this would keep an Aussie happy and tired for the most part, or am I just totally clueless with their needs?
How much do you exercise your Aussies and what kinds of things do you do?

The Monster
Barked: Mon Feb 13, '12 7:57pm PST 
As a pup I was exercising/playing with my Aussie 4+ hours a day. Now that she's older and has settled down a bit she gets at least an hour of exercise a day, but does best with 2+.

Barked: Thu Feb 16, '12 3:12am PST 
That sounds like a great plan. I think it varies on the dog's personality and energy level. Some are pooped after 4 , for some it's never really enough for them to be tired.

My 5 month old puppy at 23 lbs goes to daycare for 9 hrs, takes a quick 30 min nap in the car on our way home when I pick her up at night, and she probably has enough energy to either play or go for a walk for an hr or two. But on the weekends, we go to the dog park for 5 hrs and that's more than enough. Or we go canyon hiking for 2 hrs and she is done for the day. It also probably depends on how much energy they are exerting.

I have been told by many breeders, long time owners, and vets that a good rule of thumb is that yiu will know your own dog. There are "average hours" you should exercise your dog. But with that said, you want them to be happy and tired.. not to the point of exhaustion. And the owner will be able to gauge when their dog needs more exercise, less, or has had enough.

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