Fetch-Obsessed Aussie

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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 7:10pm PST 
My 9 month old Aussie is very obedient - but entirely ball obsessed. (Actually, it's ANYTHING he can fetch - doesn't have to be a ball!) He no longer wants to play with other dogs at the dog park - though he used to play well with others. I've read a bit and trainers seem to feel that obsession is a result of pent-up energy; my question is this: how can I get him exercised when the exercise IS the obsession? Walking him doesn't even scratch the surface, and we're not a running family. He's HAPPY to fetch - and I'm happy to get him exercised - but I'd also like to see him enjoy the company of other dogs, rather than snarling at any dog who gets to close to him while he's playing fetch.

(I admit that this breed was a poor match for our family - I couldn't talk my husband into a less energetic breed, though I did try; his primary objective was to get a responsive dog who was safe off-leash, while mine was to find a dog whose energy level was closer to my own - moderate to low - and now I'm the one who has to exercise the sweetie. He IS a good dog, and my five year old son loves him dearly; I am trying to do my best for him, but am getting a bit worried about the growliness at the dog park.)