chews every toy to bits!!

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I need some advice! My 10 month old Aussie mix is a very aggressive chewer. The only toys she has not shredded to bits on day one has been an extreme black kong (she's ruined every other Kong) and an "indestructible" round disc that she gets very bored with. We recently bought her a "busy bone" and within a week she actually unscrewed the end, took the entire thing apart and chewed the rubber discs and the knob at the ends of the toy to shreds! She doesn't really care for the black kong unless there is food in it - once the treat is gone she has no interest. She gets plenty of exercise and we have some mind stimulating games that we play with her (cannot be left alone with them). She devours a 12 inch bully stick in about 10 minutes - a Jumbone is gone in less than 5. I tried raw bones but they tend to get moldy after a day or so. We've tried the Nylabones, pig hooves (they only hold her interest for a short time), pigs ears (gone in minutes), and deer antlers. We've had the best luck with the antlers but again, she gets bored with them. Any suggestions for toys that might work for my sweet Bella (with the jaws of steel!)?

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i had an aussie like that!!! my wife and i used to stand in the dog toy aisle at petsmart and point at all the toys he had previously chewed up. we never really found a solution, but we did find a way to provide him with something else to focus his attention on. get one of those big heavy hardened bones (about 6-8 inches long)that are hollow on the inside, they're not raw bones--jam a dog cookie and smear peanut butter deep inside the bone. my dog used to spend alot of time trying to get the cookie out, he loved it.

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My 16-month old aussie mix is the same way. He gets stir-crazy and if he's not sleeping or running around or doing some training with me, he has to be chewing or eating something. I give him marrow bones, stuffed Kongs, bully sticks, etc, but they don't last long enough. My vet has assured me that this will "wear off" in 3 or 4 years.