Getting an Aussie soon! Help...

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Barked: Tue Jul 12, '11 6:39pm PST 
Hey aussie lovers how yall doing!

I am planning on getting a new aussie pup in the next month or so. I was wondering if anyone had any tips in general and what I should have to be prepared. For example, ill be getting a crate, food (suggestions), toys, leash.

what else am i missing?


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Barked: Sun Jul 17, '11 5:21am PST 
Be sure to get a puppy Kong you can fill with treats! It will buy you some quiet time. Lots of chew toys, we keep a variety and bring out one or two at a time so she doesn't get bored. We definitely crate our puppy, and although she barks a little when you first put her in there, she eventually quiets down, and can sleep up to 3 hours at a time. She has never had an accident in her crate either, so it helps with housetraining. Aussie pupppies can be a challenge, so hang in there, I think it becomes the most wonderful adult dog.

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I suggest not 'training' your dog to be overly active. Many people get an 'active' breed and in trying to wear them out they just inadvertantly train them to need all that excercise. Don't misunderstand me, one of my dogs really needs that much energy release, but 2 of my dogs don't. the trick is to let the dogs misbehavior be your guide and use brain work as much as you use physical work to occupy your dog. Start out with moderate excercise and moderate amounts of brain toys (genius cube, tug-a-jugs, etc.) and if you find your new dog still looking for things to destroy or annoy you with then up your excercise/training/brainwork by small increments to get to the happy medium. I suggest buying one of every toy type out there so you have an arsenal to offer, one of my dogs loves squeaky JW Balls, one loves JW brand rubber animals, one loves her frisbee. But having many many things that are legal to chew on and destroy to offer your dog will save you losing many many personal and household items.
My most active dog came from 2 working we knew going into it that she would probably be a tornado and she did not dissapoint, so knowing the stock your dog is coming from will help you know how much activity need you can most likely expect. We got our last dog thinking she would be a energy nightmare, she is 1/2 ACD 1/4 Aussie 1/4 Catahoula...but both her parents are pets, she is the most laid back low energy dog we own.


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I loved having an X pen for my little monster errr...puppy when I got him. It was perfect for allowing him to explore small sections of the house and saved the surprises of him discovering the heat register like the puppy before him >>>, or destroying table legs and it's also dandy for bringing them out to the garden, especially while he is small and can fit under the fence.