Weird Topic, But How Much Does your Standard Aussie Weight???

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Zora - Wonderdog
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '12 3:05pm PST 
My Zora is a healthy 35 pounds. Her weight is "just right"

Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 7:44pm PST 
Tika at 9 months is about 35#s...she is about 20" - I keep my dogs lean (yet muscular).

Barked: Mon May 6, '13 4:19pm PST 
My Aussie is only 5 months old and weighs 26 lbs .. So I'm not sure what he will end up weighing as an adult but he's a standard size both his parents were around 42-60 lbs so we shall see how be he gets smile

Member Since
Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 9:43pm PST 
My Cody is almost 7 months old weighs in 55 pds

Barked: Sun Aug 18, '13 6:30am PST 
At Rizdy's last check up at 3 months old; he weighed in at 18 pounds. I was told at the kennel where I bought him that he would be around 40-50 pounds but the vet said that he would be around 55-65 pounds as an adult. We too shall see what the final weigh in will be at adulthood.
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