Weird Topic, But How Much Does your Standard Aussie Weight???

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ღSierra ღ

I'm A fighter...- <3
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 7:24am PST 
I know this may be a strange topic, but I just looked on the Standard Australian Shepherd weight ranges, and it says females range 40-55lbs, my female weights just over 70lbs... So Im curious to see what everyone else Aussies weight!!

The Monster
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 12:00pm PST 
Cohen is tiny for a standard Aussie. She's female, and weighs maaaybe 35lbs. She's super trim with a definite waist.

My last dog was a male and big for the breed (and a bit overweight), coming in around 65-70lbs.

Since these dogs are working dogs I find that there's quite a variety of size allowed in the breed standard compared to many other breeds since they were bred more for working ability than a specific aesthetic.
ღSierra ღ

I'm A fighter...- <3
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 12:25pm PST 
Wow so tiny, my Red Merle is Female, weighting in about 72lbs and not over weight, she is not fat what so ever, she gets her exercise. She is very tall and broad...


*Crazy Licker*
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:00pm PST 
I had a blue merle female who weighed a hefty 70ish lbs...she was a bit overweight though due to a bad rear leg that limited her exercise ability.
My current male is just a little over 50lbs (he is just over 1 yr old), his mother was very slight probably around 40lbs, his dad was around 55.
Maggie NAC- WV-N TN-N- CTL-3 RE

Tunnel Suckin'
Barked: Wed Feb 9, '11 10:51pm PST 
I consider both of mine as Australian Shepherds (there is no evidence that the breeders were mini). Maggie is my girl and weighs in at 32#s and Porter is 29#s, both are 18" at the withers and are kept at a running weight for agility.
CGC,RTD,AKC- Brake's- LoneRanger

Aussie, Aussie,- Aussie, Oy, Oy,- Oy!
Barked: Thu Feb 10, '11 10:54pm PST 
My Blue Merle boy, Ranger, weighs 63lbs as of this week's trip to the vet. He just turned 1yr old last month and is extremly active (He just passed his CGC test last month and is in training to become a certified therapy dog. He also does obedience training, therapy training, and agility). The vet said that he could stand to loose just a few pounds (he should ideally weigh somewhere around 55lbs). I noticed he was bulking up quickly despite a high activity level, so I did a little research and consulted the vet. The puppy food I had him on initally made him bulk up because of there was too much protein in it. I've since transfered him over to better brand and added in fresh veggies/etc in place of higher calorie treats). Another thing that I do is use measuring cups for each dog's food so I know exactly how much they're getting. I feed seperately and I feed on a schedule several times a day so I can monitor everything.(The vet said that spliting up serving sizes and feeding throughout the day in smaller intervals will up Ranger's metabolism and help him stay full longer as well as loose a little weight. One of my main motivations for him loosing a few pounds is to have him in peak condition for Agility; I want to make sure we avoid any extra strain on his joints/etc that extra "baggage" could cause.

Hope that helps! smile

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Little Angel
Barked: Sun Feb 13, '11 4:01pm PST 
Angel is at 61 pounds, but I think he's a tad overweight, even though the vet says he's fine. confused Curse you heaps of snow and -5 degree weather.

When he was at what I think was his ideal weight he was 55 pounds.

Bird Whisperer
Barked: Fri Mar 4, '11 3:37pm PST 
Desoto (male) weighs around 60 pounds. He is VERY solid and muscular, as such he weighs far more than my border collie who is the same height.

Pretty Girl
Barked: Tue Apr 12, '11 7:08pm PST 
Woof! I'm a standard Aussie and I weigh 46 pounds. My vet says I need to lose ONE pound. My mommy and daddy say "pa-shaw!" because mommy and I are training for agility. So I get plenty of exercise! Woof!

Puppy Mill- Product. Pet- Shop Survivor.
Barked: Wed May 25, '11 2:53am PST 
Mihkoa here is about 30-32lbs and 17 1/4" at the withers. Both parents were Standards.
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