Getting a second dog?

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Kilkenny's- Saint Samson

Barked: Sun Feb 28, '10 1:39am PST 
So I have an Australian Shepherd that is nearing his 2nd birthday, and I adore him to death. At the moment, we are doing agility training together, just started herding training, and he comes to work, to the barn, to just about everywhere with me. We also do conformation shows for fun.
I am in the process of looking for new housing, as my roommates and I have drifted far apart after 2 years. At the moment, none of my options involves anyone with another pet/dog. My dog has lived with other dogs his entire life, so I'm not sure how well he will adjust. I also have an senior cat with the beginnings of kidney failure (but he still has probably 2-3 yrs at least). I am a full time student and I work part time, but I spend a LOT of time with my Aussie. I plan to apply to veterinary school in about 2-3 years, and I know that when I am in vet school, I will be home a lot less.
So I have thought for a long time about it and decided it would probably be a good idea to get a 2nd dog (Aussie... I'm addicted to them, lol) so that my current dog has a buddy. (and on a selfish level, so I have double the aussie love!) I have been thinking about this for over a year, and I want to get the 2nd dog well before I apply to vet school so that I can ensure that it gets a great foundation and we work out any behavioral kinks.
All my time outside of studying/school is spent with my current dog.
What I'm wondering is if you think this is a good plan and that I'll have enough time for 2 Aussies? (I am usually only away from my dog about 20 hours a week)
I wouldn't get the 2nd dog right away, but I am keen on a female Aussie owned by two women I know, and I like the Aussie and I really like the two women (they have very well rounded dogs - agility, herding, obedience, conformation, their dogs do it all) and all the dogs have ALL their health checks. It's the only litter that have planned for the next two years, and I was very impressed by their past litter.

I guess I'm asking for opinions on whether this sounds like a plausible situation - if I got a puppy at a time when I have a break from school/work, and if people think I would have enough time to spend with 2 dogs.
Maggie & Porter

We are serious- trouble
Barked: Mon Mar 1, '10 2:52pm PST 
I say if you think you can, go for it. I started out wanting to get a second dog - but instead started fostering for Aussie Rescue (as the breed stole my heart). After fostering for two years I decided I was ready for a second dog of my own and brought Porter into the house (while I was fostering a long term one already). I really liked having three dogs, but know that right now I only have the ability for 2 permanent in ways of finances for training and vet care.

I say think about it and see where life takes you! Aussies are like chips - you can't just have one!
Kilkenny's- Saint Samson

Barked: Mon Mar 1, '10 7:40pm PST 
Thank you smile
I currently live in a rental situation with a couple that have 2 dogs and a cat, so with my cat and Samson, our total count is 5. In the past 2 years of living with them, I have paid to vaccinate all 5 animals, get both their dogs spayed, have my dog neutered, have an endoscopy performed on my dog, and my cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. While I am a student and mostly live on a student budget, I have pretty much been in charge of 5 animals and will be moving soon to a new rental situation (and a roommate with no animals or plans for getting an animal, but does like dogs), so I will only have 2 animals in my charge.
At the moment, Samson is in agility classes, comes with me to work and just about everywhere (except school), and we just started herding classes.
I am not planning to rush into anything, but one never knows what the future may present. Since I rent, fostering would be a little challenging - while I can vouch for the behavior of my dog, and I have a very structured plan for a puppy and will be very familiar with the personalities of the parents of the puppy (although there is never a guarantee about the personality of a puppy), fosters often have a bad rap or do actually have some kinks, so landlords usually aren't keen on the idea.
Thank you for the input, it helps having more than just my opinion!