Should I cut my Aussie's fur?

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Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 3:40pm PST 
My Aussie just turned a year old on april 12th, I got him when he was 9 weeks old and it seems his fur has grown just as much as his body. he has a lot of fur especially on his backside, hence his nickname Fluffybuttbig grin. He also doesnt seem to have as much stamina as he did before because he gets to hot. I'm wondering if I should cut his fur for the summer or just find another way to keep him cool because I vaguely remember reading something about aussie's fur not growing back as nice once cut? I probably will end up cutting his fur just because I want him to be able to enjoy the summer as much as he can, but I would just like to know if the thing about the regrowth of aussie's hair is true or just something in my head? thinking

Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 4:28pm PST 
ive never heard this thing about aussies regrowth of hair but if you want some advise. well with my aussie his hair got longer as he aged as well tho hes always been fluffy and i get what u meen when u say fluffybutt lol but with my dog i trim the outer coat every so often so it doesnt get to long unless of course its winter. but i dont see a problem with cutting his hair because my aussie doesnt have the energy he used to and he will only be 2 years old on the 10 this month well week. so yeah id say you can give ur aussie a slight trim to keep him cool or also every so often u can use a damp rag and run it over his coat it keeps them cool just cuz its cool water and it stays in the fur longer cuz the undercoat

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Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 6:36am PST 
I wouldn't do it.. go read some of the post in the grooming forum about shaving double coated breeds.

ETA: Cutting his hair to make him feel better in the summer will only hurt him. His coat keeps his safe from the sun. Pi was shaved due to medical reasons and he has to wear a shirt/sun screen out because he'll get burned. Before he was shaved (and we got him) he lived outside and his cute little nose got REALLY burned, but the rest of his body was safe because of his hair.

I really wouldn't shave your dog unless its for medical reasons.

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Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 10:17am PST 
wow really i never knew that could happen tho i am only 16 and still learning about my aussie but thats somethin to know its a good thing that all ive ever had done to my aussie is a slight trip on his underbelly

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Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 12:00pm PST 
Several of our Aussie friends at the dog park get shaved. They look so goofy but we still love them. We've been told my multiple groomers to not do it (and we live in Texas where its the beginning of June and in the mid 90's already).
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Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 10:35am PST 
NEVER SHAVE YOUR AUSSIE, it kills me when people shave their double-coated shepherds to cool them off. I understand the thinking that if I am hot when I wear a coat and then take it off I am cooler. Well aussie hair for heat works a lot like long johns and cold. You see when you go skiiing and wear long johns you sweat a lot. That sweat is absorbed into the long johns away from the skin and then released into the air to keep your body warmer. Well with the double coat the heat is absorbed and released by that outer coat that many shave off. Thomas has grown quite a lot of hair now that he is getting older but I just brush him for 20-30 mins a day and he is fine. We live in central FL and still manage multiple games of frisbee and rollerblading later in the day of course but still happens.
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Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 4:15pm PST 
I agree. Don't do it, in the end it will ruin his coat. One of the best things you can do for him is keep him trimmed (ears, doc, feet) and well brushed as well as the normal things (cold water, etc)