Large breed puppy food?

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Chunky Monkey
Barked: Sat May 16, '09 5:07am PST 
Hi all!

I was wondering what all you Aussie owners fed your dog when they were a puppy?

After taking Lexus to the vet yesterday she confirmed Lexus was on the larger side and would be closer to her dads weight... 50 - 60 lbs. However her mom was 40 - 50 lbs. Would that make Lexus a large breed?

Should I be feeding her large breed puppy food?

I posted this in food and nutrition too, although I figured no one would know better than an Australian Shepherd owner.

Thanks in advance.
Ch Mercy CD RN CGC

Work hard,Play- hard.
Barked: Sat May 16, '09 7:30am PST 
I feed my Aussie bitch normal food, i never put her on large breed. Some people consider Aussie large breed dogs, but I really don't, some males can be, but my female weighs in at 43lbs and is very fit/active. I think you'll be fine on a normal food.

the fetch is- strong in this- one
Barked: Mon May 18, '09 10:06pm PST 
The better dog foods are usually labelled "all stages" foods. There is quite a bit of information available on dog food on if you do some google searches. Try to avoid grain based ingredients, especially with corn meal. I am a big fan of Canidae, Wellness, and Innova brands. Yes, at some points over the years my dog ate better than I did. wink


kissy girl
Barked: Wed May 27, '09 7:25pm PST 
Our vet told Kai and Andi to be put on large breed puppy food. When I told the people at three dog bakery (who own 5 mastiffs) what they get fed, they laughed. After that i switched. Kai never got above 45lbs and Andi is about 35lbs. They are both on the small side, short too (but not mini).
Mia & Dot

the Sisterhood
Barked: Wed May 27, '09 10:55pm PST 
We've been back & forth on Taste of the Wild, & Canidae GF but they do better on TOTW.
I consider Aussies as "Medium size", large breed, at least to me, are dogs that are over 70lbs full weight.
Thomas Jacob- Madsen

Daddy is that- you?
Barked: Thu May 28, '09 8:50pm PST 
We feed Before Grain to both of ours because we can make it specific to both the puppy and adult which works, its really pricey but its beginning to worth it.