Our trainer claims Aussies cannot live in multi-dog homes?!

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the fetch is- strong in this- one
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 8:30pm PST 
That is just as crazy and untrue as "you can't teach an old dog a new trick." We currently have an Aussie and a Weimaraner who almost sleep in the same doggie bed. Before that my Aussie lived in an apartment with a Bull Mastiff and a German Shephard. At that time our downstairs neighbor had two other dogs and they all got along. Even as a puppy she lived with a Pekingese.

*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 10:32pm PST 
I was just checking with all you great Aussie owners!! I thought that was crazy talk. I still felt the need to ask because we plan on getting one for our next dog. No telling when that will be though, not for a very long time wink if we can say no to all the cute pups for that longshock

if it- runs/flies/bounc- es, chase it!
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 9:42am PST 
Your trainer sounds like she's making a bad assumption based on pasted expierences that aren't really applicable to the breed. I adopted recently a very poorly socialized Aussie, he lives with my English Shepherd and my Shorthair X. He also goes with me to the various places I work and helps me with working with other dogs who have similar behavioral problems that he came home with. He's excellent with other dogs, loves being in a pack, and isn't unruly about it at all.

With any new dog scenario introductions need to be done slowly and carefully and with plenty of supervision. But there is nothing in an aussie's breed background or social norm that indicates they should be single dogs. In fact most Aussies's when socialized properally, do very well in multidog evenrionment and while they are very people oriented, they do love to play. With just about any one.

I'd be leery of any other breed specific advice she has to give. It sounds to me like she's got very limited expierence.

Sugar Kisses- CD, BN, RE,- CGC

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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 12:06pm PST 
I'm an Aussie who lives with 2 Chihuahua's, a Rottweiler, a Belgian Malinois mix, a cat and a Ferret and I get along with them all just fine. I also go on play dates with lots of other dogs all the time, and go to training classes every week and I get along with all the dogs that I meet.
I think if this lady has a BC she might be biased. She may have encountered a Aussie that was not well socialized. Who knows. Each dog has his/her own personality, but most of us Aussies tend to do fine with all types of other breeds.
Ch Mercy CD RN CGC

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Barked: Sat May 2, '09 11:00am PST 
Yeah, I defintly think she has the wrong idea. or just plan doesnt know.

My girl lives peacefully with a golden, a golden mix, and a cat. Not to mention she gets along just fine with one of my family member's german shepherds, and my friends golden retriever as well as any dog she meets.

Her breeder also has a pack of about 10 aussies, and they live in perfect harmony and the sweetest aussies I have ever met.

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*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Wed May 6, '09 8:25pm PST 
Thanks guys big grin Can't wait till the day we get our little Aussie baby cloud 9

Zoom Zoom
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 8:23am PST 
wow..hm..Kate loves her doggie family..she loves to play.

But I know a friend of mine's male can be kind of standoffish to other dogs..

Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 8:43pm PST 
my 2 aussies live in 1 home mine along with german shepherds the only way an aussie would not share its home would be if it was raised in a home with no other animals and suddenly had another dog brought in the home than yes they may be a lil deffensive for a lil whie but aussies are very sweet dogs when you train and socialize them well.
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