Our trainer claims Aussies cannot live in multi-dog homes?!

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*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Sat Mar 28, '09 5:45pm PST 
We have the most adorable Aussie in our training class. She is the sweetest thing, makes Gypsy look evil. My bf asked if they had any other dogs, and they said that they had a lab, but he had passed away. Then the trainer chimed in and says that Aussies do not do well in homes with other dogs, that they are fine playing with them other places, but they do not like to share their homes. This confused me because I know of a few Aussies in multi-dog homes and they are perfectly fine! Is there any truth behind this, or is she out of her mind?

(We hope to have one in the future, but I would never be content with just one dog at a time shock)

Bird Whisperer
Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 10:38am PST 
Aussies love their people and are attention hogs, so maybe thats why he thought that. Desoto is reactive in public and does not like strange dogs, that said he loves our other dogs, and lives and breaths to play with Saddie our elderly border collie. They go out in the yard together and rip around the yard herding each other in tight circles, its hillarious and tires them out more quickly then I could ever do. blue dog
Nadia- ::Rainbow- Bridge::

Barked: Tue Mar 31, '09 4:51pm PST 
I'm not sure of the truth in that. Our Aussie loves our Sheltie and when we visit my in laws they have six dogs of their own, so a total of 8 when we go to visit. She acts no differently than she would in the park or at home.


*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Tue Mar 31, '09 8:27pm PST 
I'm sure she just had a few experiences where a client had that happen shrug

I'm the water- baby!
Barked: Tue Mar 31, '09 9:06pm PST 
We have two Aussies and adopted another Border Collie two weeks ago. We all get along just fine in our home.

Frisbee???- Leap!!
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 10:15am PST 
I would say that had to be a generalizing instance. I have two aussies and for a while we bounced houses and they did just fine living with my friend's mastiff and at the other house the border collie, lab, jrt and another aussie as well.

It's never good to generalize though I'd be a little wary personally of any more "opinions" like that. It sounds like she had an experience with an unsocialized dog and made a wrongful assumption.

Do you roo roo?
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 7:01pm PST 
Well, I took the class because I work there (petsmart) so I kind of know her. I just needed something to make me work with Stinky, I was slacking in the training department, and it was cheap because I work there. I always take any advice I am given with a grain of salt.
I was a little confused too because she has a BC and does a lot of agility and obedience stuff, so she must be around Aussies a lot... shrug
Maggie CTL1 RE CGC

Bar Hoppin'
Barked: Wed Apr 8, '09 1:14am PST 
I would throw a rock at her...well probably not...but sure would think about it.

The generalization she made is wrong - it depends on the dog. I do know a few Aussies that prefer to be the only dog....but I know many many more that love having other dogs around.

Aussies are herding dogs...farmers don't just have one Aussie (or dog normally) so there would be many dogs on the farm...well lets just say that they all better get along big grin
Chase (CGC)

I'm A Proud- Wiggle Butt!
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 6:35am PST 
I have 2 Aussies and a Pug.. We also have my mother in laws two dogs living with us. We have a fight between Chase & Pugsley every once in a while, but really.. We have no issues.

I've never heard anyone say that before thinking

Miss. Barks-alot
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 10:44am PST 
Our 2 Aussies get along just fine.. I'm not really sure what to tell you and my sister-in-law owns a frenchie, and our Aussies get along beautifully with her...
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