How much does your Aussie bark?

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Sugar- Magnolia

Blossoms- blooming
Barked: Wed May 27, '09 8:12am PST 
I never barked until I was almost a year old. Now I bark at people at the door... incessantly. But otherwise I don't bark. But when people come to the door I must let my family know!

Mom keeps a can of pennies by the door, so when I do bark she shakes the can at me and it keeps me at bay until she sends them away or invites them in (at which point I calm down a bit). I think the can is outliving its usefulness - anyone have better methods to reducing their Aussie barking at the door?

Zoom Zoom
Barked: Wed May 27, '09 10:39am PST 
KAte has JUST started to bark more..she was a churchmouse when I got her. smile

Shes not a happy barker though like Maggie, my heeler. she barks, a real bark not the little "ruff" when she plays..only when someone is outside who shouldnt be.
casey sue

wanna play ball?
Barked: Wed May 27, '09 6:44pm PST 
casey sue doesnt bark a lot. she will bark when she is first let outside but then stops when the play starts. she will bark little yelps in the house if she needs out for nature call.

Cody- Alexander

live ur life you- may not be there- tomaro
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 1:15pm PST 
my dog cody he only barks when me or my mother are playin with him or if strangers come around the house he sometimes barks at neighbors when they cross the lawn
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