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What do you mean- I'm a terror?
Barked: Fri Mar 20, '09 9:39pm PST 
Hey Zuby- Dot is a mini & was 15lbs at 3 months, 23 @ 4. Mia is a regular Aussie and was 9lbs at 10 weeks! (she was really, really underweight & the Runt).
I really think you're a "toy" Aussie & mixed with something to make you smaller. Cute as a button, but missing something of that 'aussie look' to the face.
Zubenelgenub- i *Zuby*

precision chewer- and speed- digger!
Barked: Sat Mar 21, '09 11:07am PST 
Oh dear. I was afraid of that. I am not in favor of breeding toy aussies; I think it is wrong to breed a dog down to a size in which they can no longer perform the function for which they were originally bred. But I will love the little guy no matter what. And on a sailboat, smaller is good anyway. Maybe he was stunted from being neglected and not properly fed. I just hope he will be healthy. Oh, and I will certainly neuter him!

Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 3:22pm PST 
Miller is almost a year and a half and he's about 55lbs and has been about that weight he turned a year. Stella just turned a year and she's 45lbs.

Cody- Alexander

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Barked: Sat May 30, '09 1:19pm PST 
cody used to look like a collie half bred pup but he is pure bred and now he filled his form and grew into his paws and skin. lol hes about 23 inches tall and almost 2 years young
casey sue

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Barked: Sat May 30, '09 8:08pm PST 
i think casey sue would be about 40 to 45 pounds. havent had her to a vet yet but she will be going next week so well see then. were going to have her spayed. i hope it doesnt change her personality. except for the fighting. im glad she can take care of herself but she is really really agressive with other dogs. anyone else have this problem?
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