Looking for an Old Time Aussie Breeder

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Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 11:41pm PST 
I currently have one aussie and want to get another, but I am looking for a breeder that breeds old time aussies, ones that are strong in herding and agility. I am looking to possibly use the dog for search and rescue and agility contests. Can someone help me find a breeder that would be right for me. I live in Orange County NY.

Barked: Fri Oct 31, '08 7:59am PST 
You could always contact a breeder near you and ask for reccomendations. Good luck!

Ty boy!
Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 4:20pm PST 
Diamond Aire, Las Rocosa, Imagineer, Fairoaks, some Beauwood, Legends, and Spring Fever. I will think of more.... Our dogs are Diamond Aire based. NY is not the best place to look for working oriented breeders...most are conformation only or conf. and agility/obedience