Just had a WOW Moment

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Treat?? Sit!- Speak! I already- did Dad!!
Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 5:16am PST 
Well, it is now october, and I recieved Indy at the beginning of August...it has been three months today. He's almost five months now. I just never noticed.

He's been such a joy though. I can only remember my last Aussie vaguely as a puppy. Indy has been an incredible puppy though. I'm wondering if all of you are so quick to learn too?

I've been working on him with obediance and I'm in college actually at the moment for Veterinary Med. My professor is actually a well known member in Indy Disc Dog so we're working socializiation. (Odd thing is the first day of class I found out she owns Indy's sister from the same litter) What I was getting at here was the fact that Indy will learn a command in about fifteen minutes and have it solidly down too. He's so quick. I can honestly say he knows about...13 commands at this point. I'm just amazed I'd guess haha.

the fetch is- strong in this- one
Barked: Sat Oct 11, '08 9:40am PST 
Aussies are fast learners. Mine even learned that is she did the trick too quickly we'd move on to something else that might not be as much fun. So, after about an hour of coming close, Basia just wouldn't do a certain trick 100%, but a week later she did it first try and every time after that. I totally think she was messing with me.

She was 90% trained by 12mo. At 9mo they might regress a bit and start testing your boundaries, so watch for that change. A lot of it has to do with how many more things they notice and get distracted by.

BTW, I stopped counting tricks at around 60. She probably remembers more of them than I do. wink