Any humane ideas for my pulling so hard on walks?

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Throw it....
Barked: Wed May 21, '08 7:25pm PST 
I have to agree with crusier on this. I work at a doggie daycare and with trainers everyday and we sell and highly promot the Gentle Leader, because it doesn't hurt the dog at all and it can allow a young child to walk a large dog with no problem. Great for both dog and human. I hope that what ever you decide that it works for you and your Aussie. Good luck!
MIHKOA -goodbye friends-

Barked: Fri May 23, '08 8:08am PST 
we use a halti. works wonders. my dogs associate it with very positive things, and truly enjoy it. Our dobe doesnt really like it because of her super long snout... but the aussies are golden on them. they cant slip out of them, and they know they get to go for a pawsome walk when they wear it, and get some super special yummy treats. We only use them when neccesary, and have weaned our dogs off of them over time using positive reinforcement with treats when they look back and dont pull, and stopping the walk when pulling begins. Works wonders... the halti or GL makes it easier to start when you have an extreme puller, and we slowly switch off of it back to a flat buckle (or harness for mihkoa who has neck problems). Good luck. Be patient and consistant... so important!!
M&R's Rusty- Bear

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Barked: Wed May 28, '08 8:22pm PST 
I hate my gentle leader collar, but my mommy loves it because I actually listen to her when its on, don't know why, but do. But I love my mommy so I don't mind it to much...


Bird Whisperer
Barked: Fri May 30, '08 7:47am PST 
We used Maggies method when we where training Desoto. He was the worst puller I have owned. I also took him out in the yard and I would walk/jog and change directions really quick. He learned that he had to pay attention to where I was going. (thank godness we are in the country, the neighbors would think I was nuts) When were on walks I would praise/treat him whenever he looked at me. He now walks excellent on a leash, I actually had some one compliment me on his leash skills yeasterday when he was on his morning walk

I know the gentle leader was suggested, it works great as long as your dog doesnt have a tendency to lunge. I dont like it only because it resembles a muzzle to non dog fanatics. We use a sporn harness when we take Desoto somewhere really busy, with lots of people and dogs where I know he will get excited and pull. I wouldnt say it stops pulling but it lessens it for sure. blue dog
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Barked: Fri May 30, '08 9:32am PST 
Desoto - you bring up a good point. Practice in your yard before going out in public. Training leash walking is no different than teaching a sit or down. The dog has to be able to it in a low-no distraction environment before doing it in a high distration area.

I know that people like head halters- I just think they look silly and are a waste of money. Training an Aussie to give you full focus should be easy - it just takes...well...training.

Aussie Tomboy!
Barked: Tue Jun 10, '08 5:28pm PST 
My mom is very lucky that I was never a puller. I learned within a couple days of first wearing a collar that if I pulled, I wasn't going to get to go anywhere fun. I pull, Mom stops, and things get boring really quick. My friend in my puppy class was a big puller, but is learning not to with a Halti head collar. It seems to be working really well for her.

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Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 9:25am PST 
Hello, we have a Weimaraner that pulls, we got a harness that goes around their chest and behind their front legs. It works very well. My Aussie is also a light puller, usually only for the first 10 minutes, but enough to be annoying. I use a standard choker right behind the ears with no slack. This changes her stride into a "show" trot, and only requires very light but constant pressure. After the leading ceases, I go back to a verbal "psshhhht" or clicking sound and light tab correction.

Another trick is to avoid walking straight down the sidewalk. If know where their going they will want to just get there. As mentioned before, stopping, going back, turning, having them sit/lay down, and changing things up keeps you leading he back. Also, optional, but I don't let them track or sniff poles "check email" while you are walking.

People are often impressed that I can walk a 50lb and 70lb dog with full control when I am out. A very short leash also helps. Those expandable "lazy leashes" sell them on ebay! Our favorite leash for the Weimaraner is a handle with a buckle on the end.

For running and hiking I use a buddysys.com, and use a full harness. This is also very convenient for hiking, and prevents a dog from ever lunging out of your hands and into harms way.

Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 12:22pm PST 
I also tried Maggies way today and Yub stopped pulling after only one time of walking backwards! Yub learns fast because he doesn't like getting frustrated. Thank you so much! My hands don't hurt at all!
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