Mr. Bocephus

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I'm a mommas boy
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 5:42pm PST 
Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and my pups name is Bo. I have wanted an aussie since I can remember. Fell in love with Bo's mom about 3 years ago and then she had pups!! Told her that in a few years, I wanted to get one as a wedding present. My husband and I got married this June and we are both dog and horse lovers, so our presents to each other....puppies of course! I raised twins this summer, lot of the time by myself because my husband works shift work. I'm a teacher so my summers are off dancing Boy did they keep me on my toes.

Our other pup is a blue heeler named Jersey. They are my two little monkeys and boy did they get big fast! Bo weighs 55 lbs right now and Jersey weighs 45lbs. Bo's mom was a mini and his dad was full sized. I like bigger dogs, so he's the perfect size for me!

He's my little man and has the greatest personality which is perfect because Ms. Jersey is very dominant! She tells lil brother whats up and keeps him in check. Nice to meet you all!! Aussies rule!