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Barked: Wed Jan 23, '08 11:00am PST 
I have a black tri aussie that I've shown in conformation and done a little agility with. Last summer she had a litter of pups. We bred her with a red factored blue merle. The first puppy was a tiny runt, the second puppy was huge, the third puppy was normal and the next 5 were all normal sized but stillborn...No amount of rubbing and stimulating could bring them to. The runt ended up dying after 3 days of extensive care so all in all I lost 6 of my 8 pups. It was heartbreaking. I came to the conclusion that the problem was that it was her first litter and she was 6 years old. We had her checked by our vet prior to the breeding and he told us she would be fine. But what leaves me even more confused is the coloring of them. Every single one was black tri and lots of them had bad markings. Both sire and dam have good markings and lots of color. If I understand correctly, merle is a dominant gene so it doesn't make sense that none out of the 8 would be merle. I can't stop wondering what went wrong and was just wondering if anyone had any answers for me. Dang genetics!
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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 3:51pm PST 
First, I agree that the problem that she had might have had to do with the fact that she is older. Don't most breeders stop breeding around that age?

As for the colors, a friend of mine just bred a litter with a Blue Merle and a Red Tri all that came out were Red & Black Tri's. Why? Who knows... I just think that is how things work out sometimes!

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Barked: Sun Feb 17, '08 1:09pm PST 
Black is the dominant color in aussies.
Sorry you lost so many of your puppys
Have the parents been tested for vwd its a blood


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I wrote a very long message but managed to erase it so my will is gone which means you get the short version;-)

black x black=black
black(red factored)xblack(red factored)=75% black, 25% red(solid not merle)
black x blue (both red factored) can produce black, red, blue merle, and red merle.
red x red=100% red
red x red merle= 50% red/50% red merle

The excess white could have just been random. Your girl does have a wider blaze though and sometimes that makes a difference. She could b cryptic merle except you said the pups were all tri's.

six is pretty old for a bitch to have her very first litter. Normal age for the first litter is 2-4 years old. After that it become more difficult for the first time mom physically. Long breaks in between litters can also cause problems (ei litter at 2 and litter at 8). Most breeders spay their bitches at 8 years old.

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Pattern is different from color. Yes, Black is the dominant color, but the genes for patterns, merle or solid is much more complicated.

Here is a great article...you may have already read it. You could also explore the site for additional information. It is an entire site for Aussie genetics.

http://www.ashgi.org/articles/color_coat_pattern_inheri tance.htm

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My blue merle was going to be neutered, but I really want a female to give us some pups with his personality and great color. I'm slowly learning more genetics dealing with Aussies before I do anything, but I heard breeding merle x merle causes more disorders to occur, so I thought merle was recessive?

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Merles should never be bred to other merles. It causes both deafness and blindness in puppies. Dogs should never be bred just because they are nice colors. Please research and health test (hips, eyes, elboys ect) before making a decision to breed;-)