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I have the oppertunity to rehome and aussie however I am unsure if I am in a situation to do so ! My situation is as follows : I live in a large first floor flat located near to open grassland, woodland and beach to exercise a dog however I work full time and therefor a dog would be along in my flat with my cat for most of the day. The question I have is it likely an aussie would be able to cope with this situation or not. I must point out I would exercise the dog morning and night and plan to train it for agility to provide it with a job.

any advice would be great as I want to make the right decision for myself and the dog.


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Agility, and a job, is good, but if Aussie's as far as I have seen are very intense dogs, and if they do not have something to do at all times they will find something interesting to do whether that's chasing your cat to exhaustion or making a bed out of your couch. So if you do choose to be the forever home for that Aussie make sure that you have enough interactive toys and a crate for him.
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I don't think they need something to do 24/7... However, I do think that they need a lot of excise. For Chase, we walk twice a day (anywhere from a half hour to an hour) then we have fun once in the morning and twice at night "herding" the laser pointer out back for about a half hour. Chase also will be doing Rally & Obedience and possibly some herding.

As for staying a lone during the day, how long are we talking about? An 8 hour day? If so, I don't think that would be to much of a problem. I agree with the poster above me about having some interesting toys around, something that makes them think. They have a cube ball that they have to figure out how to move it to get the treats out, that's a good one!

I think that you could give this aussie you are thinking about a good home.


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I agree with the poster above me! I may have had my Aussie for a short amount of time, but I have done plenty of research and read a few books specifically for this breed. I keep Sarai in a crate whenever i leave the house, they are very dominant over everything that they are around. Especially other dogs, which i happen to have. I do beleive that they need very interesting toys to keep them busy, they also need alot of excersise. I walk Sarai at least twice a day, and let her outside as much as possible to run around. I think its great that you plan to train your Aussie for agility, that should give her a great job to do. I hope everything works out, no one deserves to leave the dog they love behind!
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Part of the aussie nature is their strong desire to want to be with "their person". All dogs are like this to an extent but I find this especially true with my aussie. She is my constant companion and my shadow. I think she sees this as part of her job and she takes it seriously.
Aussies are extremely energetic and intelligent. They needs lots of physical and mental stimulation. True that it varies among the breed.
Good luck.
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I have an Aussie, a border collie and a border collie mix who stay at home with my cats while I am at work. They have no problems. I do agility with the first 2 and am starting herding with the 3rd. It is important for them to have enough exercise and their own 'jobs', but if you can give them that, they will be fine. If you are worried, crating is an option. Mine were all originally crate-trained, but are fine on their own now.