Hi Aussies!

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The Wise Cracker
Barked: Fri Sep 28, '07 5:34pm PST 
Hi, I'm not a full Aussie but Mom says the lady that gave me to her said I was. Mom says I have too much white on me to be pure. I act like an Aussie though. I took to herding without any direction at all. My Mom and her friends were trying to chase a neighbor's cow back into the fence. I watched for a minute and figured out what they were doing and then I took over. I always kept those cows and the goats down the road where they belonged. Now I live in the city and don't get to herd much, but I'm just as happy running around and swiming and chasing rabbits. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to my cousins!big grin
MIHKOA -goodbye friends-

Barked: Sat Sep 29, '07 7:49am PST 
hey there... you may indeed be all aussie. there is a gene for yellow in the aussie lines... and you may have it. smile http://www.ashgi.org/color/yellow_aussies.htm

This is an awesome site... and if you were a merle merle cross you could definately have that much white. smile check out that site, it has alot of info... and you sure are CUTE!

Oh ee oh wee- oh!!
Barked: Sat Sep 29, '07 11:15am PST 
Since you have blue merle spots you would not be a yellow. Just a blue merle. Also mismarks with lots of white like that can show up in solid crosses also...its not as common though. At least with non-double merle mismarks you dont have to worry about hearing/sight issues.

I dont know about you being full aussie. It is a tough call and probably one that would need an in person meeting to see what you are really built like. At the very least there is a lot of aussie in you though.