Does my dog Lucky look like a mixed breed to you?

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Did somebody say- walk?
Barked: Wed Jun 6, '12 5:16pm PST 
People are constantly asking me what breed my dog Lucky is. They often ask if she's a Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix.

The people we bought her from said she's a purebred ACD. We saw the mom and she looked like an ACD. The dad wasn't on the property. They said we could get her "papers" if we wanted, but I didn't care then. Now I'm a little curious and considering doggie DNA.

Lucky is the most awesome dog ever. She's happy, smart, active and my constant shadow! She's about 20" tall at the withers. She weighs about 55 pounds.

What do you think?

Barked: Wed Jun 20, '12 12:19pm PST 
Hm, your main profile pic does look a lot like a G.S. mixed in there but your other pics look like an ACD with not so defined markings as breeders like to see. Honestly unless you are planning to show or breed those papers are just paper. ; )