Aggressive or Assertive?

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Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 7:07pm PST 
Without being rude..... Cattle Dogs are not aggressive.

Frankly they tend to be too much dog for a good portion of those that own them.

They are VERY intelligent high drive dogs. They can be huge clowns and a lot of fun. But they do have a very high drive, are great problem solvers, and like to win. They are also fearless and tenacious. If you look at what they were bred for, it is easy to see that it takes a VERY tough, strong willed dog to accomplish their intended job.

None of the issues listed are things that cannot be handled with:

outlet for their high energy level
a job (can be almost anything)
and living live NILIF

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Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 2:16am PST 
i am a heeler x & a very smart boy!!! i do have my issues but all in all i try & communicate them. sometimes i growl & show my teeth to let you know just what i'm feeling ie. back off. my parents tell strangers that i don't like being touched but since i'm such a handsome boy people can't keep they're hands off me. shrug i am definately protective of my home so strangers take a while for me to warm up to. however, once i have warmed up to you i'll be your best pal. i can be a bully so don't show me fear just ignore me & soon i'll crave your attention!! i am nervous around loud screaming kids. as for other pets...i live with 2 other dogs & a cat...all of which came after me. i even lived with a parrot when we were living with my grandparents. we have fostered lots of animals in my home & i have been great with them all...i even share!! at the dog park i like to keep things in control...no fighting please & if anyone is picking on my brothers i'm there to get them to back off...i'll bark, herd, body check & then nip if you ignore my distractions. all in all i am a very smart boy & have no problem adjusting to my parents schedule. my parents love me!!!puppydogblue dogcheerdancing

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 7:20am PST 
Lets not ever forget that these dogs are bred to CONTROL stock. If you are not going to herd with them or teach them anything to keep that instinct in check you are asking for trouble.

Assertion can turn into aggression if your not careful.

When I got Nikki she was human aggressive and dog aggressive. She is over it now but even when I take her to shows if a dog approaches her in a rude way she will show her teeth. I have to be 100% more in tune with her than say someone who owns a Lab because if I am not paying attention to her environment how can she trust me? And she has to trust me amidst all kinds of strangers and strange dogs for her issues to be resolved.

Sorry *Steps off of soap box* red face


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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 9:25am PST 
I think my Pal Remington said it best!! Being a breeder of these wonderfully smart and beautiful animals I must say that it does upset me to hear someone say that they are an aggresive breed.. We have 6 adult ACD's and a litter of puppies at any given time, all of which live inside with us and none of which are the least bit aggresive.. They are wonderful watch dogs and sertainly would never allow someone they did not know in they're yard or home unless we let them know it's ok.. We do however raise our ACD's for the purpose they were bred for and they are working dogs and if you've ever seen one do it's job, then you've seen true poetry in motion.. This is not a couch potato pet...

Barked: Mon Jan 25, '10 10:23pm PST 
Ive only had my ACD for 2 days, but he is strange around men. He never has growled or grumbled at me. He grumbles and gets excited around them. Not sure if he's aggressive or just excited? He's 2 years old and getting fixed next week so maybe this will help him.

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 2:31pm PST 
Think about it, those little 45 lb dogs are bred to boss around a 2000 lb bull, of course they have attitude! My little Kai that is 11 weeks barks at us to try to command us to do her bidding 'GIVE ME A TREAT, SHARE YOUR FOOD, PLAY WITH ME, GET OFF MY COUCH!' the nipping is ingrained into them, you just have to make a big vocal deal of no nipping (I yipe very well now) and time out for a 2nd offense in the bathroom for 2 minutes. We have just been diligent to let her know that we will not tolerate being bossed around and that the bossing is left to us. Our 2 year old ACD/Aussie is much more mellow but she keeps her thumb on the baby very closely to make sure that she learns the ropes. So the little herder gets herded herself whenever she ventures too far for our comfort. They are velcro dogs because they are ingrained with an incredible work ethic and want to be there in case you need them to do something at a moments notice. 'hey you running kids, get in a herd, you too cats, ok...what next?' They are natural one family, and mostly one of those people dogs, drop by friends and strangers have to prove their worthiness to be there and usually get told so right from the get go with a 'be on your guard I'm watching you' bark and a steady watchful stare after that. I work in rural areas a lot so have a lot of experience in approaching homesteads guarded by ACD's they are almost always respectful in their distance after the initial telling off and by the end of the time I have to be there they have ventured up for an ear scratch, while still keeping between me and the front door to the house where their wards are. Be careful to appreciate thier breed given tendencies.

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Barked: Wed Mar 24, '10 11:04am PST 
I feel really strange posting this but Hachi has had me for two weeks now and hasn't been a problem at all. Someone tossed him out of a car late one night and he's about 7 months old. Had him neutered last week. He's such an agreeable fellow so far....doesn't try to herd people. He sometimes tries it with our much-larger collie who doesn't take it seriously but he's not biter. Some say that Hachi got lucky coming to our door. I think the rest of us got lucky that he did so!

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Barked: Mon Jul 23, '12 10:29pm PST 
new here.
i know now how ignorant i have been about choosing a dog. well, actually i can hold my husband responsible for this one. he coulnt be patient. him and i have friends that have acd and figured we had enough space, time (mine)for a new puppy.experience is the best teacher and unfortunately, what i have learned is that this breed is definitely not for us. at least not yet. im scheduling this week to get him neutered hoping it helps with his "amped up" aggression. as silly as it sounds, i wished all dogs came with warning labels and instructions.he bit once already and i understand that he was protecting our space but i never want that to happen again. im trying my best to keep him exercised and busy but like remington mentioned, they are hardcore dogs that need a job. and know i know what they mean when they say do your homework before you bring a puppy home.when i look into my Chuy's eyes all i see is the eagerness to please us.we love him and we need to do right by him and move out asap to some 3 acre ranch we've been paying for.turns out the half acre we live at in the city near schools and busy streets just wont do.we also want to get some goats to fulfill his herding instincts.i feel like now, when i hear someone thinking about adopting a dog i must tell them about my experience and hopefully something like this will be spared. best of luck to everyone and our beloved pets.rainbow

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Barked: Thu Jul 26, '12 9:16pm PST 
I am so glad I found these boards! We are fostering a 9 month old ACD with the intention to find a forver home for her, she was at a kill shelter. Problem is Lucy is a sweetheart and we are falling for her. But she has some behaviors that seem typical to me now reading these boards. She is agressive with our 8 year old lab mix, and she is a jumper, wants to try and jump the fence, also jumps on the table once and counter once. But she is so darn smart! I think whoever had her before never tried to work with her, and it seems to me that she is learning fast! She is amazing with our three kids as well. So Im not sure if we will decide to keep her in the end instead of fostering but I do know we keep working on training her each day and we are glad we saved her from the kill shelter.
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