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This is a terrible breeder. Read below for details.

1) I made a $300 deposit and agreed to a price $1800.00 total. The owner of the kennel became ill, and the litter I was suppose to pick from was sold without consulting me. I had to repeatedly attempt to contact the kennel before the owners wife called me back, and said she did not know how to refund, but I could wait for another puppy or she would speak with her husband, who was still in the hospital.. I decided to wait after being disappointed I did not get my original pick.
2) After waiting, I was told that Mitchos was taking control of the kennel, and he would make me aware of the next breeding.
3) While waiting, he contacted me and told me there was a puppy for sale. That the puppy was meant to go to the original owner Alan, but because he was sick, he could not take her. He sent me pictures, and she was beautiful. He said the additional price was $2200 ($2500 total, much more than my agreed price)
4) Once I made the decision to take the puppy, he made me aware of a situation that she was an only puppy, as during her birth there were complications, and she was the only puppy too be saved.
5) He also made me aware that she was a "bundle of energy" which I now know to be a disclaimer that she is a hyperactive puppy, and appears to suffer from anxiety around people or dogs, most likely due to being the only puppy in a litter and not receiving proper socialization.
6) After receiving the puppy, he told me the full story of the birth, that when they had complications, the vet did not opt for a c-section, trying to birth the rest of the litter, but they were all still born. Finally Mitchos demanded a c-section, and found that the vet had opt'd not to do it previously, cause no one on staff was qualified to do it, so they had to call in their own vet.. This doesn't sound like a situation a professional breeder get into, they have/use qualified vets.
7) He assured me she was raised with other puppies, but I have no verification of this except a couple pics of it running around with what appears to be ONE dog at least a month older. And due to her social skills, whether she was or was not, the situation of her birth and raising has affected her temperament.
8) After a couple weeks of having the puppy, I called Mitchos, and explained that I had no doubts she was hyperactive, and that her demeanor is "sketchy" and that is not something you want in an amstaff
9) I believe temperament breeding is just as important as bloodline and bone structure, and she is a friendly dog, but aggressive and unable to relax around anyone outside of our family. She cannot be out when guests are around, we have trained her, and even our kennel calls her "crazy" as she never relaxes. I feel that as a quality breeder, an issue like these with a dog, should be noticed, and they should not be sold as a "top of the line" dog. As I cannot breed this dog with a clear conscience, and risk passing this to their puppies.
10) I am simply asking for a refund.. of $1200 so that the cost of the dog is $1300 instead of the $2500 i paid (including the original deposit). His answer is to send the dog back ,and wait for another. I cannot do this now, the dog is part of my family, and I do not know where she would end up. I am simply stating, that I paid for a dog, from a breeder, that should have the qualities of a dog I can breed. This dog does not, I do not feel a full disclaimer was given under the circumstances, and that I was sold a dog in a rushed situation after already losing out on my proper pick from the litter I was promised. $1300 is more the price of a household pet, which is why I have come to this number.
11) These statements are being made so that everyone else is aware of the transition of blossom kennels to Mitchos, and the details of the situation I was put in. he is refusing my refund requested, and I told him that I would make the details of the situation known if he did. he has threatened to sue me if I make "unfounded derogatory statements" which these are not, these are simply facts.
12) I have another amstaff, from a different breeder, that people refer to as "one of the most well behaved dogs I have met". He is 75 pounds, and everyone loves him. She has a good role model, she has had the same training, but she is a dog with a defective temperament, hence this entire issue.