APBTs pulling weights Isn't inhumane!

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Barked: Mon Aug 1, '11 9:32pm PST 
so my step mom is freaking out on me cuz she found out that I'm going to have Leibchin pull weights when she's older, she says it's inhumane and that I'm just helping the bad stereotype of the breed by supporting competition with the breed. When I told her many working breed bull wagons and sleds, like huskies for example, she says "pit bulls aren't built the same as huskies it will hurt her joints its not what they were bred for and it's not good for them". she's nuts right?

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Barked: Mon Aug 8, '11 5:50am PST 
Weight pulling is a legitimate sport that can be used to promote the positive aspects of the breed in a positive light. The dogs are not built to pull long distances, but ARE built to pull heavy weights for short distances.

Generally, it is only bad on the joints if you are trying to use a dog that is conformationally poor, too young, or too old. There is a very good reason why most of the weight pull associations have minimum age limits. While it will be about a year before you can really start having your dog pull weight, you can start teaching her the basics now, like standing still to be dressed/undressed, walking nicely while you are holding the spreader bar, calmly approaching the track/sled to be hooked up and unhooked. Drilling those basics now, make it safer for everyone later.

I've got more than 27 years in showing, pulling, and hog hunting with my APBTs and roughly 5 years worth of experience training and competing treadmill races (something else that most of the dogs love to do).

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Barked: Sun Sep 25, '11 7:28pm PST 
As long as the weights aren't too much and the dog doesn't have joint/bone/hip issues, I think weight pull is a healthy, appropriate way for APBTs to get rid of all that energy. I don't see how it's cruel, sled dogs also pull weight, it's just about moderation and knowing the dog's physical health.


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Barked: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:30pm PST 
My pit about 6 months old...at what age can I start conditioning her to pull weights?
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Barked: Fri Mar 30, '12 8:32pm PST 
I don't find it at all 'inhumane', it is a wonderful activity to help strengthen muscles, give the dog a job to do [Virtually every dog was bred to work, it is what they live to do... working is fun for them (Of course giving that it is taught for the enjoyment of the dog as well as the convenience of you)], and it also gives them a way to get rid of some o' that Pit excitement!
If I ever had time/appropriate place/equipment, I would LOVE to start my Pit Mix on weight pulling, he has more than enough energy & strength for it.

But, as with every activity for your dog, there is a right & a wrong way to do it... even if your dog IS super strong when you start it & has the capability to pull 100s of lbs, you have to start light... starting with less than 5lbs [well, first thing is of course teaching them commands & getting them used to the feeling of the harness].

Here is a site that first got me 'dreaming' about pulling with Otto: http://pulldoggies.com/

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Barked: Sat Mar 31, '12 1:18am PST 
Angel: "My pit about 6 months old...at what age can I start conditioning her to pull weights?"

You can start her now, getting used to the harness (You need to use a harness designed for weight pulling!). Once she is used to walking around in the harness, you can add an empty milk jug with a few pebbles or coins in it. Not any real weight, just getting her used to dragging something behind her. You can add a small amount of weight (no more than her weight) until she is 2. DO NOT, for any reason, have her pull any larger amount of weight before she turns 2! APBT's are slow developers, and most are not fully mature until between the ages of 2 or 3. Keira is 15 months old (tomorrow) and I will be ordering her WP harness very soon, as I want to do it strictly for fun. She needs a "Job" and she's strong, so I figure, why not!
Hope that helps you out and good luck!
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I didn't start Violet until she was 2yrs old. It didn't have any negative impact on her overall competitive performance. If you wait, just make sure if your pup ever wears a harness of any type Never correct them for pulling on the leash. After all, this is what harnesses are for. Before you start any type of training, go to your vet and have hip and elbow x-rays done to make sure your dog can handle high impact sports.

The most important part of weight pulling is getting your dog accustomed to having thing "following" them. Also getting them acclimated to loud, weird noises is very important. During an event it can be very loud with the sounds of the cart, the crowd, blocks clinking, people talking, dogs barking, people shouting....etc.

Go to an event in your area without your pup and watch what goes on and talk to some of the competitors. Most people are friendly and are usually happy to help a newbe out!

Best of luck to you! Violet LOVES weight pull! It's the only sport that she can use her brute strength fully and be rewarded for it.

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With RESPONSIBLE owners weight pulling is just fine!!