American Bulldog Puppy Mill raided. This is a cross post.

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The following is a cross post in the shelter and rescue formum, but since this is the spot for American Bulldog lovers, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here as well.

The details: The Houston SPCA, today, raided an American Bulldog puppy mill.
(A posted copy of the www.myfoxhouston.com article has been pasted at the bottom of this page. If you ask why I'm not able to do be of much help, well, I run a small shelter for cats and we are full @ 18 and our doggie, Georgie was adopted from C.A.P.s another shelter in Houston.)
There were around 100 puppies and adults that will need homes. The problem is, the Houston SPCA is going to do whatever a judge tells them.

These poor dogs suffered sever neglect. 30 dogs were found dead on the property from starvation. It is the thing of nightmares. But these are pure breed american bull dogs and they can be wonderful pets for the right owners.

Please contact the Houston SPCA at the following if you think you can help, or to at least tell the SPCA that there are people who would be willing to foster dogs or puppies until they can be adopted. www.spcahouston.org
900 Portway Dr
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 869-7722

The news article:
"More Than 100 Dogs Taken from NW Houston Breeder"

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The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took custody of more than 100 American bulldogs from a northwest Houston breeding company.
According to SPCA officials, at least thirty dead dogs were also found at the Pickett’s Pride American Bulldog Breeding Company located at 16119 North Freeway.

Regarding the dogs that were found alive, SPCA rescuers said most of them were underweight and had skin problems.

Heidi Brasher of the SPCA told FOX 26 News that the organization had visited the location before and told workers there to “clean up their act.”

The breeding company also has a second location on 16262 Hollywood, but investigators had yet to find any dogs there.