Akita muzzle?

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Barked: Thu Mar 27, '14 8:34pm PST 
Hi , first of all i want to say i love animals , so please dont judge me.

i have 2 rescued small dogs and a beautifull akita.
but the akita has tried to kill the small bitch several times..

after all tries my only solution is to put her a muzzle while the small one is outside..

so im looking for one, but i didnt find too much on ebay..

does anyone know about muzzles for akitas?

i have a beautifull one but it almost killed my other little dog , both are females.

ive tryied all.. so i need a muzzle while both are outside

but i want a good one that dont hurt her and is confortable etc.

any ideas thanks!

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Barked: Tue Apr 8, '14 7:02am PST 
If you must have them outside together then your best option is a basket muzzle. It is common for Akitas to not care much for smaller animals and see them as prey and same-sex aggression, as in your Akita is also a female is common as well. Good Luck.