New to the Akita world!!

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Barked: Wed Jan 15, '14 7:28pm PST 
I picked up my Typhon last weekend and he is already my pride and joy. After doing extensive research on the breed before bringing my boy home, I understand that the training for an akita is different than most dogs.
He is so smart and I know he has the potential to be such a great boy. I am just hoping to get some feedback from experienced Akita owners on some tips for me in training him. I know that negative reinforcement does not work with akitas, and positive reinforcement is the only way to go. But, what works best? treats? clicker training?

He is young, so his attention span is very short right now. We're also having a little trouble with potty training. The breeder believed he was close to being housebroken before I picked him up. However, when I brought him home that seemed far from the case. I try to take him out as much as possible, but sometimes he potties in the house without warning or signs.

Any tips or recommendations? I'm open to anything!!

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Barked: Wed Jan 22, '14 6:18am PST 
Please e-mail me @ mikakai101@gmail.com and I will help you as much as possible. Posting here at this point seems worthless which is why I posted my contact info for anyone with an Akita that might need help or have questions.
He is a very handsome boy.