Akita socialization

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I have a question. I am considering purchasing an Akita and I was wondering to what extent is socialization necessary if I don't want other petting with and playing with my dog? For instance, when a friend or family member comes over, I would like for them to be able to move about my house freely as long as I am around. However, I would want those same people to be regarded as stranger danger if I am not around or if they try to gain access to my home without permission.

I just don't want my Akita to mirror my Aunts Shar pei's behavior. When over her house, the dog didn't allow strangers to walk around. And it would frequently bark and snap at you if you moved around too much. Her dog literally invaded your personal space.

I am not looking for my Akita to be friendly to other pets or anything like that because I don't plan on bringing him around other pets. Besides my parents, I want to be the main pack leader. I want to be able to give the dog love 24/7, but I also want him to tolerate me sticking my hand in his food bowl if needed be. I am looking to present a pack leader presence at all times. I also want to be able to put him on his back, open his mouth, play-fight with him, brush his teeth, play tug a war, etc.

Is it possible to train an Akita like this? I am basically looking to raise this Akita as a very close companion. I want us to completely rely on each other.

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Akita's are pretty naturally like that. Socialization and a lot of it just keeps them from becoming too overly protective or aggressive in which case you risk them biting anyone that steps within 5 feet of your property. Also, while Akita's are loyal and loving they are independent and willful so they will not be the cuddly crawl up your butt type of dog. From what you have stated you want from a dog, in all honesty I would suggest doing some research and finding another breed.