toilet training my akita pup

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hiya i got my akita pup at 11 weeks old she is now 14 weeks, my problem is i take her outside to do her business and we could be out for a few hours at a time but she will wait until shes back inside then go to the toilet! any advice?

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It sounds like she is a bit confused. Do you always take her out on a leash? or just allow her to play in a fenced area? Taking her out on a leash on a regular schedule like every hour,walking her around and when she "goes" outside give her a treat and celebrate. Also look for cue's that she needs to go like sniffing around,circling, going near the door or a certain spot where she seems to like to relieve herself and take her outside before she actually does. Keeping her tethered to you in doors may also help make you more aware of her specific cues. She will always need to be taken out as soon as she wakes up,after meals,and after play even if they are not on the schedule you have set. Using tethering and restriction to only limited areas of the house when I couldn't tether I was able to potty train all of the Akitas I have owned to alert me when they needed to go outside in a matter of two weeks or less. Good Luck and I hope this helps.