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Frontline is not working

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Barked: Wed Sep 4, '13 9:44am PST 
My 8 month old female akita has very dense fur, and frontline has not been effective. I gave her a bath with flea and tick control shampoo, which I think helped, but I still spotted a flea on her today. Did anyone here run into a similar problem? What did you do to solve it?

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Barked: Tue Oct 1, '13 6:59am PST 
Have you tried Advantage II? Treat year round and also the environment. A good way to save money is to buy in bulk and divide the larger doses into smaller doses depending on the weight of the pet. Just google "flea and tick value kits" and you will find several sites selling the kits. Gets your per dose cost down to about $3 that way.