I have decided on an Akita.

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I am looking to purchase a wonderful Akita! The thing is, after extensive research, it's beginning to dawn on me regarding how difficult it really is to find a breeder who is legit. I know there are tons of associations that claim to have established a list of those who are worthy of breeding these beautiful creatures, however, I'm not sure which one to turn to?

Should I specifically adhere to those registered on Akita Club of America?

Can someone assist me? I'm looking to purchase an Akita in Ohio. How far have any of you traveled to purchase one? I've noticed some breeders are 3-5 hours out.

Thank you so much! big grin

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The Akita Club of American is a wonderful resource and will steer you toward breeders who have a good reputation, quality puppies that are guaranteed to be healthy and you will have a breeder that is an asset to you for the life of the dog. I was blessed to have found a breeder who although not established in the Akita world does all of the same health testing of breeding stock, gives a health guarantee and follows the same guidelines. I found her through my vet who has always taken care of my dogs and takes care of hers as well. Aside from that stroke of luck, I would absolutely stick to the list from the Akita Club of America. Breeders registered with The Akita club will assure that you get what you are paying for while you may find puppies cheaper through a local "breeder" or a pet store it is unlikely you will get the same assistance or assurance. Good Luck on your search and I hope you find an Akita as wonderful as the ones we are blessed to share our lives with. wishes

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Thank you very much for your advice dog walk

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From experience, Ohio is a difficult market to find an Akita in. I researched extensively in many of the surrounding states. I no longer live in Ohio, but it was an area I searched. I know there is at least one VERY reputable breeder in Cincy. We got Koda in Tennesse, so we drove a good 4 hours there and then 4 back home.

I strongly advise asking the breeder many questions. Some that we asked were 1) How often they took the parents in public. 2) What is their disposition with children and other dogs. 3) Size and activity levels. 4) About health tests. Those are just to name a few. Then of course, we went and saw both the mother and father. They exhibited completely normal behavior for Akitas, especially since we were in their home and they were not inside with their human "kids". I know Koda wouldn't handle that situation very well if he was not able to be beside our daughter and myself if a stranger was around.

Visit, ask about past bloodlines, any parental health issues, and ask about prior generations too. A good breeder will have lots of information for you. Remember, it's not bad to be picky. This is a life long companion, and you want the pup with the temperment that matches your family lifestyle. When looking at the pups, we chose the social, alter, yet docile around familiar people one and I couldn't be more pleased with what we got. An Akita is a great dog, and like I've said before, I'll never own another large breed, or at least not another wihtout an Akita present. They are magnificant creatures.