Any suggestions for mouthing among other things

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 4:22pm PST 
Leah lovingly leaves small punctures and bruises on my lower wrist frequently. It has been an issue since I got her, she is now a yr and 3 mo. old. And her teeth are as sharp as razors. Some times all it takes is a brush on my arm while playing and other times she grabs.She is usually overly excited about us coming home.
She has been very different then my last Akita's.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu May 30, '13 5:25am PST 
Mine are both into mouthing people they love.Even my Mattie did it,so it isn't an uncommon thing with Akitas. We taught each of ours to be very gentle when they mouth by telling them firmly to "be nice" we did at one point try to discourage doing it at all but it really seemed to hurt their feelings. Mika was a bit of a nipper at first but with work she is now very,very good and does not use teeth at all,instead she will grab a wrist or hand and gently suck on it. My only advice would be to try to redirect her to some type of toy when she is that excited. Also,try to relax and not jerk away it makes them less likely to grab harder or to injure you with their teeth.Good Luck. Generally they do seem to outgrow the need to do it as often as they get older.

P-mail me if I can help with anything else. Hope you are physically feeling better.hug

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