Dog Boarding - Muzzle Ok?

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Hi All

I've an amazing Akita called Bear, he's 16 months old and will do everything I tell him to do. The problem is he won't do it for other people/or people he doesn't trust. He's going to a boarding kennel soon and he's been there before but they don't understand him or pay too much attention to the notes I leave them! And last time, he had a sore paw, they went to put a harness on him and he bit the guy on the arm.

Long story short, I'm going away with work for the week and I want to know is it ok for my Akita to have a big basket muzzle on (one he can eat and drink out of) for the week whilst I'm not around as I don't want to come back to another incident.

He loves to chew but if it means he can't chew for a week and nobody gets bitten then I'm happy. They don't have a lot of akitas and don't know how to handle him to be completely honest.

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If that's your only option better safe than sorry. Is it possible for you to make different arrangements for future travel? Perhaps a pet sitter? Someone either he can stay with or you can trust to stay in your home with him who can get to know him during the time you are home,so that when you are gone he is used to them and there won't be an issue? I do not like the idea of having to muzzle him for an entire week while you are gone but do understand that you also can not risk him biting someone again. My husband and I do not travel unless we are able to take our Akita's with us because we simply do not trust them in someone else's hands. We understand their needs completely,they have been with us since they were puppies and although well socialized,well behaved,and wonderful as well,we do not trust others to deal with them properly or understand them because they are not a very common breed in our area. I wish you the best.