Best Brush?

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Hello! Writing to ask about a 7 1/2 year old male Akita. He came to be ours last August after he had been abandoned by his original owners and was living under our house! When he first started coming around we had no idea he was an Akita, didn't even know what an Akita was!

Since then, we have done our best to learn as much as we can about the breed and have loved having him as a part of our family. We were shocked at the amount of hair that he shed when he was blowing his coat last fall; trying to prepare a bit better for it this time around. Anyone have any tips that help? I've read regular brushing and baths...I have started brushing him every few days as he is starting to shed a bit. Anyone have any brush recommendations?


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Thank-you for taking him in and giving him a second chance.hughug to you.My best advice on a brush is to use a pin brush to get the loose hairs. A pinn brush has metal bristles (or pins) with round rubber or plastic tips to prevent injuring the dog. Using it against the growth pattern of the coat first,then finishing in the direction of the growth is the most effective way to remove the most hair and keep it from depositing throughout every inch of your home. I currently live with two Akita's and several times a year we have what seems like a blizzard of Akita fur that if spun I could knit a new Akita from. Please do not bathe him more than 2 times or at absolute most 3 times a year. Akitas have very sensitive skin and bathing more often than that can cause the skin to become overly dry,break,and develop infections that will make him miserable. Take Care and Thank-you again.flowers