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Leila-I'm a- monkey face
Barked: Wed Dec 12, '12 5:24am PST 
I really don't have any problems with my Akita, just love her so much want to post her pic. We have had her for about a year and a half. We are her 3rd home. I don't know why the first owner gave her up, the 2nd owners used her for breeding, she had two litters. A little child jumped on her when she was sleeping, and the previous owner didn't say exactly what happened just that she didn't trust her with little children after that, and beings they had a toddler couldn't keep Leila anymore. It wasn't an immediate bond with us, when we first got Leila we couldn't sit on the floor because she would get spooked. Lol, Im happy to say that now we can lay on top of her on the floor and she doesn't budge. The girls get her a pillow and a blanket and cuddle with her. She killed our rabbit 3 days after she came to live with us, that was rough, terrifying, and horrifying actually. We got past it. I've been reading the posts of people with other pets, it so surprises me. Leila is completely intolerant of other animals. I have realized though that she doesn't want to kill other animals, she actually just wants to fight them...SHES A BULLY!!! Lol. She has no issues with other people, in fact, we got her sort of like for protection, because I had heard Akita's are protective, most of the time if something is up she looks at me, like, "you better go see what's going on, I will wait right here for you" There was one night that she barked like 4 times in a row, that's never happened before, it was dark and the middle of the night, I woke up to see what was going on, I couldn't see anything or anyone outside, normally she sleeps in my room, but that night she never did come in my room...so maybe there is hope, she has a great bark the times that I have heard her. I am hoping to have 2 Akitas someday, or maybe an Akita and a kitty, but while Leila is alive, she will be the only pet in our house.

Barked: Thu Dec 13, '12 3:57pm PST 
Nice looking Akita, and story. Welcome