Growling and acting hostile with strangers

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 5:44pm PST 
I don't hold it against her at all but I don't think any dog owner would be happy if their dog bit someone. I can understand why she reacted the way she did so I can't fault her for that but I really really wish she DIDN'T react that way.

As for warning signs other than growling, I did not see any. However, it happened way too fast to assess. Tika was laying on the ground when the lady shook her face in hers. It's possible she may have given a physical warning that I didn't see. Tika knew right away that she did not like it and made sure the lady knew it! The good thing is she didn't do it to attack but to say "back off" basically.

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 6:10pm PST 
I know it is hard and you feel bad when it happens,mine fortunately have never seen reason to go that far but my mix did once bite the shoe a friend of my stepsons' was wearing. Mattie had a bone,aside from family and all small children she did not trust people bothering her while eating,the girl walked near Mattie and I warned her to keep her distance,the dog was chewing a bone,at 16,she should have been old enough to understand my warning. She proceeded to get closer to Mattie,who also issued a verbal warning to back off,inciting the girl to tease and push her luck,about the third time she tried to point the toes of her shoe toward the dog and tap the floor,the floor did not get tapped because there was an Akita attached to it who kept tightening her grip everytime the girl tried to move. The girl was stunned by the reaction and I'm sure it must have hurt even through the shoe because as soon as she finally get bitten she said,Ow,Wow,make her let go. I did feel bad, but she had been warned before she ever got close enough to get bitten.
It is very likely Tika did warn,just not in a way the woman recognized and not knowing what else to do,Tika reacted to the failure to heed her warning.

Mattie once growled at a female intern at my vets office for rushing into the room,invading her personal space,and appearing to threaten or be a threat to me,before I could react,the intern slapped Mattie in the face hard,I was too shocked to react at that point but called the vet the next day and reported the incident and told him in no uncertain terms I did not want her near my dog again. After that incident,if Mattie was in a vet hospital setting for an emergency when our vet was out of town,she had to be muzzled before they could touch her,all it did when that intern smacked her was teach her to dislike and distrust female vets and techs,something she never got over. That is why I mentioned that Tika may have been previously punished for growling and didn't bother to warn because of it,fortunately for us Mattie did not learn not to give warning,since it was not me and only happened once but she certainly did her fair share of warning anyone in a lab coat to back off and get away from her.

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Barked: Mon Aug 27, '12 8:14am PST 
Went away again~ x.x I keep doing that!


M&K, I understand that. That's why I pointed it out, just in case.

If it happened really fast, it may have even been too fast for Tika to react in what would have been a more appropriate behavior.

Are there any more updates for Tika?

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