About To Get An Akita Puppy, One Important Question Well Maybe 2

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Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 6:20am PST 
First let me say thanks in advance.
I live in a large townhouse, with a decent sized patio.
I put a deposit on an akita. So I have some important questions, and no I am not a first time dog owner. I have owned and Akita mix before...
If I decide to get the pup it will be about 6 to 7 weeks old.
I leave about 5am in the morning,and would be home about 5pm.

1. Would a potty walk in the morning a 15 to 20
minute walk when I get home and a potty walk before
bed suffice? Oh and at least once a week min
visit to the dog park (muzzled of course)

2. If I left the dog in the garage with the lights on
and a fan when necessary with enough chew toys;
would the pup be ok?

3. I believe in using choke chains especially for
training when being on a leash......

Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 2:33pm PST 
I personally don't think that is enough for a puppy, especially one that young. And that is probably too long for it to be home alone. It will probably become destructive or hurt itself. I would definitely wait until the puppy series vaccinations are done before you take it to the dog park. Also if the dog is properly socialized there will be no need for a muzzle. I would also be a little concerned that the puppy will only be 6 or 7 weeks old. 8 weeks is the minimum age pups should leave for new homes in most expert's opinions.

You might want to consider getting a dog from a rescue or shelter that is older. Or you might want to wait until you have the amount of time that a dog requires and deserves, especially an Akita puppy or adult for that matter.

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Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 7:24pm PST 
I agree with Akina. I too owned an Akita mix before owning an Akita.
Akitas ideally should be with their families as much as possible. Not only is it not a good idea to bring a six or seven week old puppy home it is illegal in many states to but,sell,barter,transfer or otherwise remove a puppy from it's mother or siblings prior to the age of 8 weeks unless there are specific special circumstances and the pup is going directly to an approved animal hospital or veternarian. Akitas should not be alone more than 8 hours a day,and much less if at all possible. They also require tons of socialization with both people and other animals and should meet a minimum of 100 different people before the age of 1 year. They also need as they are able 3 to 4 hours of play,training and exercise daily,our walk at least an hour each morning and evening,play with us and each other another 2 hours minimum daily,go for a long run at least once a week and training is short sessions of 5-10 minutes multiple times daily which takes another hour or more out of the day. They really need alot of physical and mental stimulation. Ours have been on this routine since about 6 months of age except for basic training and socialization that started on day one wherever it was safe to take them until they were 12 weeks and had all their vaccines. They are now 5 and 2 years old respectively and training,socialization,and exercise are life long.In all honesty it doesn't sound at this point in time like you have enough time and energy to raise an Akita from puppyhood properly. Did you do any research into the breed and it's needs while you had your mix? I did 10 years and still had some doubt,but knew that the breeds characteristics were a great match for me and my family and more than 25 years experience with so called difficult breeds so I did not go into raising an Akita lightly or without giving it considerable thought. You also honestly have no idea how many of your mixes traits were Akita and how many were from the other breed. Our mix was an Akita in GSD clothing, I know this because one of the breeds I had a ton of experience with,and owned at the time we got our mix was a GSD.
Please think carefully and do a bit of research before you make the final decision to bring the puppy home. Nearly 50% of Akitas born in the U.S. end up in rescue or euthanized because people thought they were a perfect pup for them and found out the hard way it wasn't such a good idea afterall.

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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 6:34am PST 
Hey everyone; first off thanks again.
I was doing a worse case scenario.
The situation as it stands now my son
would be able to come home on his lunch to check
onn it play with it and then put him in an area
where he will be safe.
I know I can commit definitely a minimum of 20min
per day for exercise 4days a week and the other 3
I can ensure she will get all the exercise she needs.
As far as training I posted on another forum that
I have used the Koehler method of dog training and was told
that would not be good. I would use that only as far as lead
training to ensure that whenever the dog is out with me
that it will be engrained in her to always pay attention
to my every move. Also with that method once at a certain
point I can move easily into sit and stay down stay.
Also six weeks imo; and tell me if I am wrong. Would
get him conditioned to the lifestyle he will be leading.
I also know from what I have read that these dogs need to
be shown who is in charge because they like to be the alpha.
As far as socialization. The meeting 100 people before she
is a year trips to the park the beach etc should take care of that.
I could commit to the dog park at least 3times a week minimum.
The Akita traits my mix had and I got her at about 9months to a year old. She was dog aggressive, and if I gave her a bone. Don't
even think about going near her.
Lastly both mother and father were on the premises and both
were good natured.
I have admired these dogs for a long time, and I was on the fence
about getting a dog. When I saw the black ones, man I was pretty much sold. The one I am getting will be 98% blk wide muzzle.
Maybe when matur a bit of white on the paws, and a tad of white on the
chest and stomach. Which I have read is pretty rare.
So all the feedback you can give before I make my decision especially
after reading my response to all the comments will be greatly appreciated.
I have two reasons for wanting an Akita.
1. Their sheer beauty
2. Protection

Lastly I know there is a lot in a name, and the name I will give
to it will be Paz=Spanish for peace
Thanks again all and I will be looking for your responses

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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 6:37am PST 
The dog will be a female

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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 4:40pm PST 
As stated in my last post,Akitas need to be with their families as much as possible. They really do need to stay with Mom and littermates until 8 weeks.That is the time when Mom and siblings teach them,biting hurts. Yes,they need you to be firm but please throw all that Alpha crap away. Trying to bully an Akita into doing your will,is just abuse.
They are highly intelligent and a bit willful. Food agression can be gotten around by hand feeding the first week or two and teaching them that all good things come from you. If you want them to listen and do as you ask,motivate them to want to. The harshest thing I have ever used as far as dicipline is a firm shake of the scruff,and that was very rarely and usually for something that could get THEM killed,such as running out the door and on to the street. Females without doubt tend to be more other dog agressive than males,and I have found no cure for same sex agression,they will tolerate generally other female dogs that are regular playmates until about 18 months,then they generally tolerate them less and less until age 3 and beyond at which time another female in their territory is always at risk. Just a note,they not you,decide their territory. Chances are you adopted mix was given up because someone got into something,and didn't realize what they had signed up for. I am extremely serious about the daily needs of the breed,if bored,they will become destructive,they will as puppies chew/eat anything and must be well supervised. If you choose to really bring this puppy home,a good crate,and making more time for daily walks,as well as considering letting the pup sleep with you or your son would be a really good thing,as much as they are very tolerant of winter weather,the same is not so of summer and if you can not keep her indoors an Akita just isn't a good choice for you at this point. The color you are referring to is Tuxedo because the appear to be wearing a white shirt,they are not that rare,nor are brindle they come up when they do,it depends on genetics of the parents. Bringing the pup home at 6 weeks will simply give you more to deal with as far as issues. As I said,and you can see from the picture we have 2 and I have a California king waterbed,it's been over a year since hubby and I have slept anywhere but the side rails. Also Akitas need no teaching in any way or of any kind to be protective,socialization makes them manageable and agreeable in public,threatening moves or intent,gets a stranger in public an Akita prepared to be in their face,and their territory,home and family are off limits,they will not hesitate to let you know you are in their space. Then there is adolescence,when your well mannered,well trained,star pupil of an Akita seems to forget overnight who you are,that they should listen to any command you give and like the teenagers they are will bend every rule to the breaking point and reinforcing earlier training with better motivation until they get over it at around age 3 is the only was to keep their trust and respect that you spent months in the beginning earning. Also their being alot in a name is simply that there is a Japanese tradition of naming at least your first Akita a Japanese or Asian name for luck. Please really think this out and if you aren't able to give the pup what it needs,leave it with the breeder,also I'm not sure I'm thrilled with your breeder either. The one we dealt with before adding Kai to our home had a rather lengthy application and approval process before even putting someone on a list for a puppy and she has a waiting list of up to a year and a half for puppies,she made home visits,checked vet references,had you out to meet her pack and get their approval,wanted to know your experience,in our case meet Mika and see how she was raised,and it didn't matter how good an owner you were her pups stayed with Mom and siblings until the appropriate age to avoid issues with especially biting but fearfulness,and lack of confidence as well. As I said in my original post,I am not trying to be mean or discourage you,I am simply putting the truth out there to protect yet another dog from the breed I love becoming a victim of irresponsible or unprepared ownership. They are amazingly beautiful,very protective,and an absolute joy to own when raised properly by someone fully prepared for them and willing to make accomodation to what is best for the dog ,not try to fit the dog to their needs. Akitas do not blindly follow,they are very independent. They protect you with their lives if necessary but only if you earn their trust,respect,and devotion. Harsh treatment breaks trust,causes them to fear you,and may at some point lead to them feeling the need to protect themselves from you. I will be happy to discuss the breed with you as much as you would like but unless you can make the comitment to her needs will continue to tell you to think this out,there are already too many out there who are misunderstood or not what they should and can be because of people making the choice to get one without looking into what they are signing up for.

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Barked: Thu Mar 8, '12 9:17am PST 
Thanks again.
I did speak with the breeder again he stated that the pup
would be 7 1/2 weeks, my son can come home and play with the pup
at lunch and walk it when she is of age.
Also I did plan on the pup sleeping in the same room with me or my
son ( on the floor ) and yes it will be in the house all the time.
It will get a lot of love and attention.
I like the suggestion about feeding the dog out of my hand the first couple of weeks so it won't be food protective.

Now as far as the mix I had, I did learn a lot about it as I went along. The way I got it is I was doing some work at an animal shelter
and as I was leaving a Mexican lady was bringing the dog in and I caught her in the parking lot. She spoke little English and
I asked her why she was turning it in. Hahahah she had a small toy
pup breed nestled in her arm covered with a blanket and she pointed her head to the dog in her arm and basically said because she wanted this dog. Lo and behold after some time with my mix I soon discovered that yes she wsa very other dog aggressive, and very food possive.
I had a neighbor accross the street and he would always pet her even though I objected but she was very socially well adjusted to other people. But overall a very low key dog I would actually say to date
she was the best dog I ever had. Even speaking of her today
I have very fond memories of her....
So yes I did see those traits and I will be checking in from time to time. Lastly the breeder I am dealing with is there to answer any questions I have, and lastly most importantly if it turns after a year or so that my lifes schedule will not allow me to have the dog. He wiil take it and make sure it is placed.
The breeder will be available to hold my hand as it were.
But the more I read about the nature of this dog the more I want it.
This dog will be a very integral part of the family.
I don't know if I have stated before.
I wanted the breed.
1. For its beauty
2. Its intelligence
3. Its protective nature.
4. A new one ( helping me stay out of myself )

Barked: Thu Mar 8, '12 7:00pm PST 
I agree with mika & Kai. I would still be concerned about the breeder letting the pups go before 8 weeks, even if it is by 1/2 of a week or a week. I got Akina when she was a little over 16 weeks. Even though that was because the breeder was planning to keep her and her sister, but fell upon hard times and had to find her and eventually her sister new homes. I think that time that she spent w/ her mother, father, and sister really shaped her into the wonderful dog that she is. On top of the fact that I have spent a tremendous amount of time socializing and training her. And because of that special bond that we have formed, I am 100% confident that I can take her anywhere with me. What I am trying to say is that a puppy is a big commitment and an Akita puppy is a HUGE commitment. This is a 10-15 year commitment. Just make sure that you are 115% sure before you make a definite decision. Oh and I totally agree with Mika & Kai about choosing a Japanese name.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '12 8:20pm PST 
We did bring Kai home at 8 weeks but with his breeder he was extensively socialized with both people and her other dogs. He came home a confident,well adjusted eager to learn bundle of fur and I agree with you about needing to be 115% sure you can deal with the good the bad ,the ugly,and the huge comitment and responsibility that makes a good Akita which does include endless hours of training and socialization. By the way Akina is beautiful.

OP- I understand your reasons,just be sure you can really manage this.
Our pups started out on the floor but hubby gave in and let Mika on the bed,Kai actually preferred the cooler floor for a long time,but needs his cuddle time with us and Mika as well,he also jumps up when he has nightmares. Please just be sure you understand exactly what you are signing up for before you bring this pup home. Also,Kai at 8 weeks still needed to eat about 4 times a day until nearly 10 weeks.
Our breeder also has a rehoming policy,and a contract that says she doesn't care how old the dog is,it is to be returned to her with no refund for rehoming with someone she has screened as a fitting home.
We are also required to send pictures and an e-mail twice a year so she can see how the pup is doing.Our breeder can also check with my vet anytime because we use the same one. Try to see if the breeder will hold your pup for at least the first full 8 weeks,also check your states laws,it is illegal to allow them to leave before 8 weeks in most states.

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Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 6:42am PST 
Well I have been doing a lot of thinking.
I did ask my breeder that if I decided that
I was in over my head would he help me place
the dog and his answer was yes.
Also I will have my soon to be 4yr old
grandson back in my life how much he will
be around is yet to be seen but I do
plan on him spending a great deal of time around
my dog.
I know I wont let her sleep on my bed, and or
jump on the furniture etc.
I am looking forward to my new addition.
Her name will be Heiwa (Hey-wah)= Peace...
Thanks again everyone for you input
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